How to Choose a Blog that Presents Your Brand or product?


Are you a young brand? A startup that launches on the canvas? Your communication budget does not allow you to sponsor a television show or offer you a billboard in the heart of your country? Do not panic, today it is easy to self-talk without spending millions (thousands or elsewhere). Blogs are the best vectors to talk about your brand on the web. But they are also more and more, it can be lost to much thematic content and then how to choose blogs that will make your products a “must-have” of the canvas? By saying YOU I mean YOUR as Your will bring YOU as a brand.

1. The theme of the blog

Above all, it is important to approach a blog that is related to your topic. It is easily identifiable: fashion blogs, beauty blogs, travel blogs, cooking blogs … But it does not stop there. The human hiding behind a blog is either a man or a woman, there may also be several people (couples, friends, colleagues). Then there is the lifestyle. For example, you are a brand of dishes made of meat, you launch a new range aimed at women. So we have to be careful to contact cooking blogs run by women BUT it may be appropriate to take a look if there are no vegetarian in the lot! We understand each other? Every poor targeting, it’s a person who NEVER speaks to you.


2. The frequency of publication

Once you have identified a number of adequacy blogs with your brand or product, it is relevant to analyze the frequency of publication of the blog. Keeping a blog can be time-consuming in the long run, which sometimes leads to stopping the blog for several days/weeks / months and sometimes even forever! So before you waste time to contact someone, make sure you know where a lot of people down there. It is necessary that the publication of articles or regular. You can also watch the behavior of the blogger on social networks.


3. Traffic, Page Rank, the criteria that, please …


… And that does not help either! It is very difficult to know the statistics of a blog so often is based on the Page Rank but that’s not all. On the one hand, blogging with a big PR may ask you a fee instead of an endowment, then some busy quality blogs have Page Rank of 2 or 3. This can be hard to hear but it is better to target blogs based on written and visual quality rather than according to numbers. You will realize eventually that Google is not always the best judge.


4. Social networks

A blog is often linked to several social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and so on … The bloggers generate strong links with their community and this affects social networks. You can then easily see if the world around a blog in this way. Do not rely exclusively on Facebook, every blog has its network in different places …

The important thing is to have a good feeling about the blog and your brand, be convinced that your product is largely his place! The benefits will be even better: traffic to your site, increase your fans or followers, a quality backlink to your SEO, renown, content to broadcast …

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