How to attract the right employees

How to attract the right employees | tinobusiness
How to attract the right employees | tinobusiness

Before asking how to attract the right employees, you need to be clear what kind of employee is needed. In general, whatever your business is, your ideal employee should be one who worthily represents your company, who talks about his work with pride and respect and extolling the values of work they do or the company they work for and he who speaks with pride of the work done. And, of course, a good employee is one who earns more money.

Bearing this in mind, what do you do to attract a suitable job offer employees?

If you are thinking of posting a job, the first thing that must be clear is what kind of place is offering and what are the qualifications of the person you are looking for. Do not handle the truth, or decorate the offer to look like more than it really is. If you are looking to candidates who are sincere, you also must be honest from the beginning.

Your ad should include what is expected of the employee, both short term and long term. You should also tell candidates what they will be able to achieve, what skills will be needed and what skills the opportunity to develop, and you should talk about the compensation and benefits you will reap both financial and professional projection.

In the job interview, you should assess whether what the candidate’s resume says is true and if the skills expressed in it are such. It is important to assess previous work, why he left, and interest in lifelong learning. Another important aspect to be assessed is the interest of the candidate for his personal brand and their interest in research. It is also important to ask open questions that help meet the candidate’s personality and social skills, especially if you have to work in a team or serving the public.


Another key factor to attract good workers is to provide an environment suitable work, both as regards the physical (aesthetics, order, cleanliness, security, etc.) and personal (related good team, regard, interest in her person, etc.).


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