How much money can you win fixing a computer?

How much money can you win fixing a computer? | tinobusiness
How much money can you win fixing a computer? | tinobusiness

Fix a computer is usually associated with being employed as a technician repairs of computers or an independent contractor. Follow education technical or vocational and have an associate’s degree plus a + certification, it is usually necessary to become a technician computer repairing. You can avoid the need for education and still make money repairing computers to work on your own. This can be rewarding and flexible, but means you have to find your customers and opportunities. It also means that you can provide to clients as custom work on the site, different types of payment and extras such as installing custom solutions programs.


Salaries of computer repair technicians

The average salary for a computer repair technician in the US is around US $ 40, 400 according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics. This varies depending on your employer and your experience. Your income also depends on whether you work for a company or on your own as an independent technical. Working for a company provides a steady income but lacks additional opportunities to earn more money. Working on your own provides you with the opportunity to maximize your income, but it also means you have to pay for any equipment you need and the regular expenses of running a business.

Independent technical

The money you earn working for yourself depends on the problems you are in and the number of customers you can get.Becoming computer technician can be accessible to anyone with experience working with computers. The amount of money you can make vary greatly from client to client. The average repair is around US $ 200, which include simple services such as installing software and hardware basic facilities, such as memory upgrades. The fee is usually determined at the end of work based on the work and time involved. This fee is usually separated from the costs of any party that may be required.


Paid time

Many of the people who choose a career fixing computers per hour charge. According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the average hourly rate is around US $ 18 per hour, with experienced technicians excessive charging US $ 28 per hour. The nature of the industry often leads to customers seeking economic solutions, so you can earn a decent income if you are just starting out and can increase your hourly rate, as you gain more experience.

Additional sources of income

Many computer technicians charge extra fees for additional services. These services can be anything from a package of urgent services to install custom programs. It is recommended to keep customers informed of these extra fees all the time. Regular customers are the best way to keep your business profitable.

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