How much do freelance writers make?

How much do freelance writers make? | tinobusiness
How much do freelance writers make? | tinobusiness

Freelance writers enjoy freedom under different styles of writing for various publications. In return for this freedom, independent workers renounce the security of a steady paycheck. This does not mean that writers can not earn a good income, but at the time of publication there is a wide range that writers can expect to charge for their work, according to the type of publication, the level of expertise required and the length of the piece.



Writers of freelance newspapers earn between US $ 50 to US $ 100 related news items, according to Brian Scott Andrew Crofts, author of “The Freelance Writer’s Handbook”, says the newspaper columnists and magazines can earn between US $ 80 to US $ 200 per column, depending on the popularity of the column and distribution of the publication. The magazine paid US $ 600 to US $ 2,000 for the longer articles. Generally, the pay for magazine articles reflect the level of work required, depending on the publication, writers costs could be included in the fare or reimbursed separately.


Freelance writers can be commissioned to write whole books or completing a book limited general sections. According to Scott, they can expect to collect about US $ 75 per page for traditional printed books, equivalent to US $ 18,750 for a book of 250 pages.The pay is generally lower for electronic books by writers charge, according to Scott, from US $ 15 to US $ 25 per page, the equivalent of US $ 3,750 to US $ 6,250 for a 250-page ebook.


Publications online

Scott explains that online news items pay US $ 15 to US $ 50 per page. By web news items that are not typically pay $ 10 minimum and $ 50 maximum. By word, line rates ranging from printing US $ 0.03 to US $ 2, as Paul Tullis Matador Notebook; the pay gap is usually based on the level of expertise and knowledge of the writer. A 500 word article paid $ 0.03 or US $ 15, while a US $ 2 per word equivalent to US $ 1,000.

Business Writing

Business writing may include writing for catalogs, manuals, menus and other similar publications. Depending on the level of jargon and the required expertise, commercial writers can expect to collect between US $ 0.10 to US $ 2 per word, according Crofts. This equates to a range of between US $ 100 to US $ 2,000 for a trade publication 1,000 words.



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