Have a technology startup? Meet the latest methods of project management software

Have a technology startup? Meet the latest methods of project... | tinobusiness.com
Have a technology startup? Meet the latest methods of project... | tinobusiness.com

As you know, project management can vary between each type of project. Among the methods for project management software include the agile approach, as an alternative to traditional techniques. This type of methodology is the best tool to deal with the inevitable unpredictability that affects the entire project of this nature, minimizing its impact and emphasizing the accuracy of results.


Scrum is the most popular way to introduce agile method due to its simplicity and flexibility. The key to better understand what it is are three:



    • The empirical feedback: Scrum emphasizes the idea of empirical process control, dividing each project brief cadences of work, known as sprints, which are usually one week, two weeks or three weeks in duration.
    • Self-management team: the economy is given in the definition of roles in a project managed in this way, there are only three, each bears a heavy responsibility for which it is liable for the actions and decisions were taken. Team members, and they alone are responsible for defining how to achieve the goal at each work rate.
    • The effort to build adequately tested increases in short iterations product: continuous assessment is the key to success and the perfect complement is the division of the whole project into smaller parts, the sprints.

At the end of each sprint, actors and team members meet to assess the progress of a project and plan their next steps, allowing project management to adjust or redirect the actions to take based on the finished work, rather than speculation or predictions. Its advantages are:

    • Adaptability and flexibility.
    • Stability of their practices.
    • The simplicity of implementation, as it relies on a continuous evaluation.

To perform Scrum is necessary to define three roles:

    • Product Owner: The person responsible for communicating the vision of the product development team, also in charge of representing the interests of customers through requirements and priorities. It is the role that holds more authority and at the same time, more responsibility and should always be available to resolve any technical issue that may or planning to put to the team members.
    • ScrumMaster: This profile does not match the figure of a manager, but its role intersects with the management team to deal with foster creativity, to boost productivity and achieve visible results for the customer. The last of his functions would have to do with advising the owner of the product to put on the track to know how to maximize the ROI for the team.
    • Team member: their mission is to complete the job and in this role fit different profiles, including complementary can find software engineers, architects, programmers, analysts, experts in quality control, in charge of testing and interface designers user. Unlike other methods for managing software projects, Scrum gives them great autonomy, since it is they who are responsible for drawing up the action plan for each sprint, once the owner of the product defined objectives.

The advantages of flexible use as a method for project management software

Agile development provides many benefits among which are:
    • Increases opportunities to evaluate the project management throughout the entire development life cycle: unlike more traditional approaches, where such assessments take place only after each stage or coinciding with the achievement of the project in a flexible work environment revisions practiced after each sprint. This means that every aspect of development and its requirements are continually revised. The result is obvious because when a computer stops and re-evaluate the direction of a project every week or every two weeks, no time to go in another direction if it concludes that that is the most convenient option.
    • Greatly reduces the cost and time of market development: thanks to the essence of his approach, based on the ongoing review and adjustment whenever necessary downtimes are avoided, dead ends and continuous progress are promoted and Safely. In addition, each sprint to assimilate a very short period of time is easier to properly calibrate each step before terminates it, avoiding having to retrace requirements or, in the worst case, be forced to redo somewhere.
    • Increases the accuracy of results and the chances of success of the project: the reason is simply that working in this way, you get to build the right product. Instead of committing to market a software product based on an abstract approach, the agile method allows teams to continually rethink all matters relating to its development to optimize their value, gaining in competitiveness and effectiveness.



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