Functions of a marketing director within the company

Guide to becoming a Director of Marketing and Digital (2)

Now that we have already analyzed a little the main characteristics that a marketing manager/director should have, let’s go deeper into the functions that he will carry out within the company: (If you missed the Part 1 of this article, you can find it here: Guide to becoming a Director of Marketing and Digital Advertising)

Elaborate the Marketing Plan

Possibly it is the most important task to develop within the company since it will have to analyze:

  • What are the goals of the company?
  • What strategies will be developed to achieve them.
  • Through what actions will be obtained.
  • How these actions will be measured.
  • How much are they going to cost

Each of the parts that make up the Marketing Plan of a company is:

  • Step 1. External analysis
    It is important to make an initial analysis of the set of factors that surround the activity of the brand (economic factors, political factors, social factors, technological factors, ecological factors, legal factors). This report is known as PESTEL.
  • Step 2. Internal analysis
    The company must have well defined the values, philosophy, mission and vision that define it, in order to be able to reach customers and generate an emotional bond with them.
  • Step 3. SWOT
    It is important to locate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the brand since the main objective of the company will focus on overcoming those weaknesses that slow down its development and exploit the different opportunities offered by the market.
  • Step 4. Objectives
    Define each of the general and specific objectives that the brand wants to achieve. These objectives must be concrete, measurable, achievable and must be within a time horizon.
  • Step 5. Marketing Strategies
    Establish which are going to be each of the marketing strategies that will be developed to achieve the goals set. Each team member must be clear about what role they play within the strategy to follow and their responsibilities.
  • Step 6. Actions
    Establish what actions will be taken to implement the strategy that has been established. It is important to carry out a timing where each one is scheduled so that you can control if they are succeeding.
  • Step 7. KPIs
    It is important to have a stock control system, so it would be convenient to have a series of KPIs, which allow the marketing manager to control that the strategy does not deviate from the objectives set.
  • Step 8. Plan B
    The brand must have a contingency plan, which includes those alternative actions that the marketing director will launch, in case the goals are not met.
  • Step 9. Budget
    Budget how much each of the actions, resources, and workers that will need to start the marketing plan will cost.

Elaborate the Social Media Plan of the company

In many companies, the head of marketing and social media marketing manager is merging to form a new super marketing director whose role is also to develop the company’s Social Media Plan.

Analyze in which social networks the company will be: It will do so based on the characteristics of the clients to which it is directed and the resources that it has since an unattended social network can be negative for the branding of the brand.


Set the objective of your Social Media strategy: Customer service, branding, web traffic, sales …

Optimization of profiles: Update of each of the brand accounts.

To schedule: Set date for each of the actions to be performed.

Establish each of the KPIs: It will do it based on the objectives of the company, the objectives of an e-commerce that hopes to optimize its conversion funnel will not be the same as those of a blog that wants to generate traffic to make it profitable.

Email Marketing: Design the e-mail campaigns that will be done. Determine if the campaign is going to be by CPC, CPL, CPM, CPA.

Budget each of the actions:

  • Rental of the database for the campaigns of the capture of emailing.
  • The budget for Google Adwords.
  • Budget for Social Media ADS campaigns
  • Cost destined for each of the management, monitoring and control tools to be used.

Plan measures: Plan each of the measures that will be implemented in order to detect, monitor and solve a possible online reputation crisis.
Categories and articles: Prepare the different categories and articles that will form part of the content marketing strategy followed by the company.

Organize the team: Organize the set of professionals who will form the team of social media marketing director of marketing:

  • Comunity Manager
  • SEO Manager
  • Digital Marketing Assitant
  • Creative directorContent Manager
  • Content ManagerCopywritter
  • Copywriter

Now the “director” of marketing is you (I.e.

I hope this article has brought you a little closer to this new super marketing manager. If you can think of more features, tools or functions that complete this professional, I invite you to share them. Thank you very much for reading!

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