Freelance Business Ideas That Do Not Need Investment


The best thing about having an online business is the great labor flexibility it offers. In addition, another advantage is that in some cases, such as those we present below, the initial investment is needed just to start collecting benefits early.

All you really need to start your business is to have a working space (either at home or outside), good internet connection, and eager to move forward with your own project.

Here are six ideas freelance business that barely has to invest to earn extra money. In most cases, it is sufficient to have a web portfolio and a profile.

6 Ideas | freelance business

Freelance editor

Due to the rise of content marketing, services as freelance writers are increasingly demanded daily.

To start working on your own as a writer, besides having an aptitude for it, you must create a profile on platforms. A website or a portfolio will also be essential to your potential customers who can see your writing style and subjects in which you unwrap better.


Besides being a good writer (and editor) if you really want to stand out in this work it is important to be fast.

Community manager

If you have skills as an editor, you are creative, and you love being on top of the latest trends in social networks, this could be the perfect job for you.

Many entrepreneurs do not know how they can take advantage of social networks, do not have the time or even know how they work. By offering your skills as a community manager, you can help companies to develop a social media strategy with which they feel comfortable, or even take control of their accounts and publish yourself updates on the various platforms.

Web Designer

If you know designing websites you can have a potentially broad customer base, including both web developers (many of which can create websites but not design them), as entrepreneurs.

In this industry, your portfolio is everything. Always be sure to show your best work on it.

Graphic Designer

In the same line as a web designer, if you have skills to design logos, brochures, posters and other materials that companies may need frequently, you have choices to make big money.

SEO Consultant

An SEO strategy is a practice of improving and optimizing web pages, ads and other online content for Google and other search engines classify and show the top results.

Today any website and online store have to be optimized. If you have knowledge about the topic you have a great chance to have a broad customer base.

Application Developer

According to the latest statistics from StatCounter mobile traffic, it has exceeded for the first time in history desktop traffic. And this trend is expected to continue increasing. These data coupled with the popularity of mobile applications, make the profile developer is one of the most popular in recent years.

Freelance Business Ideas That Do Not Need Investment

If you have this ability you can create your own applications as a way to make money, or offer your services as a developer to others.

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