Free access multimedia resources for entrepreneurs and business

Free access multimedia resources for entrepreneurs and business |
Free access multimedia resources for entrepreneurs and business |

The Instituto de Empresa (IE Business School) is a business school that offers different graduate programs and MBAs. It is a company with great experience and prestige in training executives, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Fortunately for us, the Instituto de Empresa has a repository of multimedia vocational training and, best of all, is that you can have free access to such content.

All contents are published under a Creative Commons license , so we can use them freely of individual and personal basis. A great opportunity to access quality training materials.


The multimedia resources are organized into categories for easy access. No need to register or fill out forms to enjoy the content material simply search our interest and make the most of.

These are the categories that are classified contents:

Among the resources they have videos, case studies, articles, studies, research, etc.

Well, I can only invite you to walk through the site and look for material interest. Here is the link.


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