YOU HAVE A RESTAURANT AND WANT TO IMPRESS YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS? Sometimes we are not aware of the importance of having a good photograph in our marketing strategy in your restaurant. In addition to taste and smell, we must be aware that a good image is essential to reach those potential customers who have not yet visited our restaurant and do not know our kitchen.

And, in addition to producing a quality kitchen, we are aware that our customers must understand the value and importance of generating a good communication to attract more customers, loyalty and differentiate ourselves from the competition with a good offer Gastronomic

Every marketing strategy for restaurants in search of success must be visual. Therefore, today we want to talk about gastronomy photography, one of our specialities.

We live in a totally visual era in which the sense of sight plays a very important role in the communication of a restaurant. Have you never heard of “we eat with our eyes”? For any type of restaurant, it is vital to have good photographic material, either for your letter or for your website or your social networks. It is about having the best presentation letter of the kitchen or the chef after the recommendation of the clients.

This type of gastronomic photography has a clear objective: to project the most appetising image possible of the dishes of the restaurant to encourage users to try them. The images should be so attractive that they should be able to choose our restaurant and not the competition.

At first glance, we are able to decide if a dish we are looking at we fancy or not. We must be consistent with what we show our audience and be aware that if the images we show are very appetising maybe they not only want to visit us to enjoy the dish but also share it through social networks, thus getting our Restaurant get different recommendations. Fantastic! But you have to take into account that if we make very desirable photos, the reality must be consistent with what you promote or we can have the opposite effect that we were looking for.

If what you need is a gastronomic photograph according to what your business needs, do not hesitate any longer. We will advise you on everything that is within our reach.

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