Femvertising: the new era of advertising

Femvertising: the new era of advertising

The ‘femvertising’ advertising is a phenomenon that is gaining strength for some years, it is advertising is that strong and real instead of bikini models are women.

No need to go far to find advertising a topless woman stunning and offers any product.

But it’s not just about this, throughout the history of advertising has been responsible for stereotyping women, reducing it to a series of features that simplify until reduced almost to an object.

This is a trend that is thankfully disappearing, slowly but disappearing. The entities responsible for regulating the content circulating in advertising are taking measures against those who use this vulgar and facile way of selling.


For some time you are taking importance the ‘femvertising’. It is advertising in which the woman is represented in all its complexity and out of these idealized images they hurt so much, all with the goal of empowering women.

This ad made for GoldieBlox brand is very illustrative. The message is clear: girls just being girls have to play with Barbies or have only pink toys, can also be the engineers of the future.

Although today the ‘femvertising’ is being welcomed by many brands to promote their products, the path ahead is long. The Clinton Foundation launched this campaign called Not there yet , where a series of data shows how we are still far from gender equality.

However, the outlook is positive; the ‘femvertising’ is becoming standard and each day has more relevance. Anyway we should be more radical and say it is not enough that there is a ‘femvertising’ as an alternate phenomenon in advertising. Ellen Degeneres This video seems to come all core business: advertising has a responsibility in the social construction of the feminine.

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