Facebook allows you to put video & photos on profile

Facebook allows you to put video & photos on profile | tinobusiness

A Facebook likes performed continuously change the interface of your social network, and the mobile application is the priority today. Recently he began to support 360 degree videos, and today we know that Facebook allows put videos as profile pictures, which enable us to express ourselves better to our contacts.

Now the profile pictures appear centered in the mobile application are slightly larger and can accommodate a small video that plays in a loop. Of course, we have the option of recording our smartphone to put animated picture easily. It is best that you take a look at the demo video that Facebook has prepared for you to check the possibilities are generated.

The video is in English, but you can easily get an idea of the news that has prepared the social network. Here you have:


Photos temporal profile


Another new feature of Facebook is that you can now choose a profile photo and define the time it will keep active. This is a function designed to support certain events such as a party of our favorite team or a worthy cause.

In addition, it is now possible to better set the profile to show more interesting. On the one hand, biographical information can be customized to highlight those details that really consider important. We can also choose the pictures you see upon entering profile among our gallery from appearing at random as usual.

So Facebook allow you to put video as a profile picture, but for now, all these features we have discussed come first to a small group of iPhone users in California and the United Kingdom. Then they will expand to all other members of the network.

Facebook allows you to put video & photos on profile | tinobusiness


Of course, it is a good idea, allowing us to offer a fresher image. Security brands with a presence in the social network also take advantage of this new system. Although the provision that all hope, really, is the arrival of the desired button “Don’t Like” .


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