Examples of electronic business (e-businesses)

Examples of electronic business (e-businesses) | tinobusiness
Examples of electronic business (e-businesses) | tinobusiness

The term “e-business“, “virtual business” refers to the activities of by , ranging from the of products and services through collaboration with business partners.

coined the term in 1997, giving Wall Street a warning to put their eyes on the dimensions of the new global trading networks. Today, large companies are reviewing their business strategies to include Internet culture. Companies are buying parts and supplies online, they are being promoted on websites and online are even collecting all data for their market research. E-business are convenient and are at the forefront. Amazon.com is just what a successful e-business can be an example.

Retail mail

We can thank Dell Inc. as the catalyst in selling computers directly to users, thereby generating millions of dollars by selling directly to their customers. His strategy without outlets or intermedia, has been copied by trading companies worldwide. The possibilities are endless and electronic retail strategies can be modified to suit your skills, experience and passion. You can buy and sell collectable coins and stamps, jeans and other clothing to size or offer your skills as a clerk to many potential customers online. Like the retailers, you can also start your own business or operate a franchise, because the land is ready for you.

Business to business (Model Business to Business or B2B)

Trade in real estate, furniture and institutional accounting and advertising are commonly associated with the business to business transactions. In this area, companies do business with other companies instead of making them with retail customers. It is basically level interactions buying and selling and may include educational sessions and marketing presentations. These relationships are often driven and involve a lot of effort by participants to maintain a strong and profitable business relationship.


Business to Consumer (Model Business to Consumer or B2C)


Amazon.com and eBay are examples of companies focused on consumers. An e-business based on this model needs time to understand the patterns of consumer behavior online, and often require use software programs to track the patterns of decisions and buying preferences. The aim of the business-consumer interactions is to establish a long-term relationship so that each customer is satisfied with the product or service you are buying the company.

Consumer to consumer (C2C)

Think about a garage sale and understand the concept of the consumer to consumer. In this type of business, trade relations have established an individual directly with another person, only this time, over the Internet. Some auction sites like eBay are known for this type of business interaction, although eBay also conducts other forms of electronic commerce. Napster, a service of online music, became famous when it allowed the sell, exchange or give away music files from one person to other individuals. When you want to sell your products as you would at a garage sale, the online community which is so easily accessible, you will have immediate access to an international court of the size of the world.

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