Examples of a personal profile to a resume

Examples of a personal profile to a resume | tinobusiness
Examples of a personal profile to a resume | tinobusiness

During any search of job, applicants often wonder how they could make their resumes more attractive and draw attention to potential employers. Some even hire a professional writer, spending hundreds of dollars, sometimes without having any assurance that such efforts will ensure getting the job. There is a much better solution, also is completely free: a profile include staff in your resume.


What it is?

The personal profile/cover letter that is attached to a resume can be considered as a presentation, an ad or a preview of everything that is included in the letter. The profile must always be at the top of the page, just below the name and contact information of the applicant. Its function is to briefly explain who you are and why you can be useful to the company. You can include a brief summary of your qualifications for the position. It is not a succession of sentences, but rather a set of phrases and strategically placed words. For example, instead of writing “I have obtained a master’s degree in English literature from the University of Purdue,” you should just put “Master’s degree English Literature”. And the first mistake often is made is that candidates write to much and it makes the employer boring to read all. Making it short and clear is what you have to consider.


The personal profile is the first part of the curriculum (and sometimes the only) the person responsible for recruitment to read. It is important to convince immediately. In the text you should include any relevant experience that is related to the position you are applying. If you have worked three years in a customer service but you are applying for a corporate job, do not mention that work in your profile. You must include your education. However, if you graduated with a degree in art history but you’re applying for a job in the field of business, you’d better just mention your level of qualification. For example, you could put “college graduate” or “master’s degree from Purdue University.” Be sure to include any other training you have received and you consider relevant. For example, if you are applying for a job as a counselor and have been trained as an arbitrator or mediator, it would be prudent to include a phrase like “experience in various techniques of mediation and conflict resolution”.


Writing a personal profile can be a daunting task, even when you know exactly what information to include in it. Below is a few examples of well developed and proven profiles:


Master’s degree in English Literature seeking employment in the field of secondary education. Six years of experience in teaching literature, grammar and creative writing. Employed as an assistant department head at the high school in Indianapolis. Qualified in teaching English as a second language, conflict resolution and education of students with mental disabilities. Degree in film studies with a master’s degree in journalism seeking employment in the field of communication, covering information related to the entertainment industry. Specializing in direction and cinematography. Three years of experience as an assistant director on the set in recording for local television series. Two years experience as entertainment columnist at the newspaper Indianapolis Star. Extensive experience in various interviewing techniques.

Always remember, “Keep it short, clean and clear”.

I have attached some other tips below which I think is very important to grasp. For any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below and we surely get back to you.

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