Enzo Ferrari: The rule of speed | Success story

Enzo Ferrari: The rule of speed | Success story | tinobusiness

Enzo Anselmo Ferrari the founder of the legendary Scuderia Ferrari and then the car brand that bears his name along all the routes of the world.

The man known within Ferrari fans as “Il Commendatore” was born in Modena on February 18, 1898, and died in the same place in 1988. His childhood was spent on a farm in the Po Valley in northern Italy.

His bond with cars begins in 1908, when his father Alfredo Ferrari takes his two sons, Enzo and Dino, to see a car race near Modena. Enzo has the opportunity to see race Vincenzo Lancia. From this moment his life would be marked by racing cars, why Alfredo sent his two children to a school of mechanical engineering.

At age 20, having already passed his brother and his father, Enzo finishes his army service.Upon leaving, he meets a postwar Italy in total crisis. Enzo get a recommendation letter from the colonel of his regiment and heads to Turin, Italian automotive capital to seek luck. He applied for a job at Fiat, but was not taken into account.

A year later, he manages to get work at a small company called CMN carmakers in Milan.There buy an Alfa Romeo Ferrari used to compete in races, drawing the attention of the directors of Alfa Romeo, who invited him to compete with racing cars. Enzo competes in several small runs of 1920-1924, but the results were not remarkable. Ferrari Alfa Romeo asks allowing it to become a seller of the brand.


Racing, auto power, speed, Thus the career of a man who never forgot his first passion, beyond money and luxury cars begins.

Not always the luck and success were on their side. The first race in a Ferrari would compete in Piacenza Italy on May 11, 1947, a smaller test. Ferrari expectations were high for both him and the Italian press. In the race just three laps to go and head with Ferrari in the fuel pump is broken. Enzo 125 then describe as a “promising failure.” Enzo never get to see the competition and from that moment never again attend a race in a Ferrari competing.

Enzo Ferrari was, despite some difficulties you may have in life, like the death of his son Dino, an innovative man, strong, to look into the future and challenges. Throughout his life, he began developing several vehicles unprecedented speeds never seen before. Ferrari started winning almost every competition, but the costs were huge racing and Ferrari was running out of money. Thus despite its total lack of interest in the idea, Ferrari starts selling passenger car versions of their cars.


Enzo Ferrari: The rule of speed | Success story | tinobusiness


But never before seen speeds would also bring consequences. Car racing was a dangerous business and started dying drivers on the track, increasing at a higher rate. In 1957 in celebration of the Mille Miglia, a popular race of the day, they involved five Ferrari among more than 250 participants. Over 10 million people come to see the cars passing along the circuit. For its size it was almost impossible to control all the public. The most powerful Ferrari, the 335 4.1 liters under the command of promising Spanish driver Alfonso de Portago, lost control and went into the audience. More than 15 people died, including, of course, the pilot, and many more were injured. Enzo Ferrari was charged with manslaughter. Four years later the charges were dropped.

Enzo Ferrari: The rule of speed | Success story | tinobusiness

In 1961 Ford decides to compete with Ferrari, obtaining different results. Ferrari began to lose and the cost of maintaining the Scuderia increased dramatically. Despite the sale of cars the money was running out. In 1967 the Scuderia Ferrari was on the verge of bankruptcy. Then he approaches the Fiat group for aid. The agreement with Fiat contemplated that Enzo would be responsible for the race car division Fiat and Ferrari would manufacture cars. By 1969 each party has 50% stake in Ferrari (In 1988, the Fiat Group subsequently become the majority shareholder).

In 1963 he built the Instituto Professionale per l’Industria e Artigianato, a school of learning in Maranello. In 1972 he built the Fiorano test track.

Enzo Ferrari died in 1988, leaving an automobile empire to grow. His brand is the emblem of quality cars along and across the world.

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