Email marketing trends for 2015 & 2016

Email marketing trends for 2015 & 2016 | tinobusiness
Email marketing trends for 2015 & 2016 | tinobusiness

Email marketing continues to be updated over the years. Customization, integration with other channels and more sophisticated reports listed as major trends. This is the new direction that will make this digital tool from this year.

According to official figures, there are about 2.5 billion email users worldwide that send more than 122,500 million e-mails daily and, for example, over 70% of consumers continues to open emails from brands and companies. This is a clear sign of the effectiveness of e-mail marketing.

In this sense, the leading marketing research company, Econsultancy, anticipated that in the next five years all communication by mail is personalized. Highlights that one in three companies are currently using the resource customization, representing an increase of 27% over last year.

For its part, the director of emBlue Colombia, Alejandro Lopez, exposes us the trends, he said, they set the pace from 2015.

Campaigns in real time

Since many consumers checked several sources to be informed on the day, the newsletter, based on a material fact or a new story, it is a tool that is likely to be widely read because they are stories that are in the top-of-mind of the people.

Integration with other marketing channels


According to 85% of respondents in the census, in five years the email will be integrated with other marketing channels. The value of email and your performance will be increasingly linked to other communication channels, allowing greater scope in email marketing campaigns.

Trigger Email

Although automatic mails  have been responsible for an increase in the number of items, most companies only use them to their existing strategies.

However, as the mail is increasingly integrated with other marketing channels and running campaigns must contend with time constraints, it is being implemented more and more automation.

In this way, companies can stop worrying about technical aspects and focus more on understanding what they want subscribers and create creative and personalized content.

Prediction of behavior

The Big Data plays a very important role in the Email Marketing because it helps to know the contents that recipients are likely to consume, when and where to open messages.

Consumers say much about themselves from interactions mails actions (openings, clicks, complaints, etc.). Also, if you have data from other channels it helps to segment the audience and personalize the experience of contact.

More sophisticated reports

Analyze reports  is the most effective way to determine if the company is moving in the right or wrong way. What we highlight in the coming years are those actions or strategies to be carried out of the assessment thereof.

A new metric that manage ISPs is the ‘interaction rate.’ This means that if the campaigns have a low rate of clicks and CTR, will eventually fall into spam. The reports are used to improve the rates of engagement, adjust the frequency and content of the messages according to the preferences of the recipients.




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