Email Marketing Tools | Boost your Business with these Best Tools

Email Marketing Tools | Boost your Business with these Best Tools |
Email Marketing Tools | Boost your Business with these Best Tools |

Emailing software with monitoring and auto-responder


 Aweber: This is the solution we use eMailing

This is a really simple tool that lets you create a form on a web site (or a pop up) and schedule sending messages in 10 minutes.

This is the essential tool for a blogger or an SME.

Goodies: easy to use, good Simple HTML editor, a calculation of the spam score, a one month free trial, an auto-responder & a delivery eMailing, rich addons (paypal, wordpress …) …

Cons: in English, a bit expensive, no automatic message preview tool somewhat limited reports, triggers that should be more advanced …



SG Auto  responder: this is the second solution of emailing we use.

This solution is 100% French, and changing rapidly. It is ideal if you do not read English or if you need help setting up your product.

Most: a flexible pricing with a single rate for the lists of less than 1,000 subscribers, while French, technical developments, sending paper mail in addition to emails, workshops and videos to improve your sales via emailing (eg this free conference) …

The least: the automatic not very visual message management interface less rich plugins that Anglo-Saxon solutions …

sg Autoresponder




MailChimp: a solution of emailing challenger with a super intuitive use. 

MailChimp’s main interest is to have a free solution for 2000 contacts, and especially to be super simple to use.

Most: ergonomics and simplicity, highly visual HTML editor, the free version, the links with other solutions (CRM …) and plugins.

Less: only in English, the self-answering options are not available in the free version …


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