Effectively determine the strengths & weaknesses of employees

Effectively determine the strengths & weaknesses of employees | tinobusiness
Effectively determine the strengths & weaknesses of employees | tinobusiness

Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of workers is key to unlocking the potential of each employee and each team. This information can make smarter decisions about the allocation of tasks and encourages every employee to be able to grow and succeed, which will result in the growth and success of the company.

However, identification of strengths and weaknesses is not an easy task. Here we see several ways to effectively identify the strengths and weaknesses of workers.


Be direct and show your human side

Employees they are usually questions about your strengths and weaknesses during the reviews, but these responses are rarely reliable. They need to strengthen their position and show what his superiors want to see. However, showing your hand to get their employees to build trust and promote honesty, allowing you to know them better and help them overcome their weaknesses and enhance its strengths.


Examine the social profiles of their employees

One of the advantages of social media is that virtually all employees have personal and professional profiles accessible. These profiles are a source of information about the interests, likes and dislikes of employees, their skills, their experience and knowledge. Managers can learn a lot of their reviewing and following these profiles and employees make decisions accordingly.


Look and listen objectively

Sometimes the most difficult things to see are right in front. When working daily with people, it is often difficult to see clearly certain things that are obvious. In order to discover the true potential of their employees and look beyond appearances, talk less and listen more and observe objectively.


Harness the power of gamification

Competition is a powerful way to bring out the best (or worst) of employees. It is a great motivator and can enhance qualitative and quantitative strengths and weaknesses. Holding contests within teams and organizations can be a fun and effective way to see who is a natural leader and who excels in certain areas.



How to talk about weaknesses in a job interview?

In position of respondents we tend to think that when we ask for our weaknesses is to disqualify employment and therefore everyone at some point during the interview we thought that if we have weaknesses is best not recognize them, or when we throw the question recognize them as something past and overcome.

Popularly said that we must be attentive to this type of question, because it is considered difficult to talk about, is a question that the job seeker should prepare in advance, what to say?, what not to say?, what kind of weaknesses it is better to avoid? The best answer to know, is to make a short list early to start to be honest, but it is also important to remember that when the interviewer believes all speak ill of yourself.

However the idea is not to avoid the question and it is best to respond calmly; a job interview is not a confession, there are things that are not necessary to tell, that do not add to the interview. The weaknesses have to recognize that they have before, but we are doing to overcome them, have being continually analyzing how eliminate, improvements and achievements we made to keep under control these weaknesses, noting that has not been corrected yet, but we are always alert not to fall into that weakness.

Also as a personal internal examination should all accept that there are weaknesses we do not know whether we, as “future weaknesses” would result from future experience, for a new job and this may be accepted before an interviewer, adding that we would receive suggestions to always be in favor of improvement.

All questions in a job interview will charge according to the profile, however we can not be misled into “general” questions, what is the biggest flaw you have ?, some people advise to name defects that can become advantages for the site where they work. Regardless of the need to be taken for employment there is nothing better than being honest to feel comfortable and encouraged to please discreetly conducting the interview.

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