Delivering a motivating employee recognition

Delivering a motivating employee recognition | tinobusiness
Delivering a motivating employee recognition | tinobusiness

Use strategies of recognition to employees such as “employee of the month” or bonuses of various kinds is not as effective as it seems. Maybe the employee “rewarded” find it motivating, and some may fight for that recognition. However, in the medium term, these strategies generate negative attitudes in the team, because many colleagues may feel that they deserve more, you may cause jealousy and tension situation is not good to encourage may occur productivity¬†overall.

In general, employees who are not nominated for recognition, and they do not understand the criteria for the granting of the award, are generally adversely affected by the recognition of employees.

This is especially frustrating when the employee believes that their contribution was equivalent or better performed by the employee rewarded. Can also create an environment in which the employee recognition be taken to a joke or a game on the part of employees (to see who gets this time) or resulting demotivating (employees who work harder for recognition and they fail to discourage such recognition and the just struggle).

That recognition is really motivating and rewarding for employees is key to the success of the strategies of motivation of the team. Recognize the good work of workers helps to create a climate of trust and is a factor of success and satisfaction for them.




Often, the simple verbal informal recognition and appreciation is very powerful.This can and should be done daily, naturally. This achieves encourage the daily effort of the team, and make a positive and productive climate.

Also, keep in mind that your employees do not have to compete. At the end of the day, they are all a team. Therefore, you do not have to recognize one over the other forever, but can recognize several.

In any case, to establish an effective strategy for employee recognition, you should consider the following:

  • Determine what behavior you recognize, both individually and as a team.
  • Identify and communicate the criteria by which the intended beneficiaries will be judged or evaluated, so that all workers are clear about what they have to do to qualify for recognition.
  • Publish and communicate the recognition and criteria have been established for prizes.
  • Design and communicate the process by which employees will be selected for recognition, so that all employees clearly understand the selection process.
  • Give enough for workers to qualify for recognition time.


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