Definition of Online Recruitment | Benefits

Definition of Online Recruitment | Benefits

Online recruitment is the process of finding right people for each job using the Internet. The most common form of online recruiting is the  announcement  of vacancies on search sites employment or corporate sites. This can generate many answers, but to attract large numbers of potential candidates is only part of the recruitment process online. The real benefit of this system can be seen when recruiters optimize the process by automating it through software for human resource management.


By posting vacancies on the Internet it reaches a wider audience than print media publish. When a message to more people is delivered, there is a greater likelihood that some of the applicants is the ideal place for a particular job. But it also means that you should use a tool to determine which candidates are ideal, because I do it manually with hundreds of applications that arrive too time consuming and would be costly.


It is theoretically possible to interview prospects the next day that the announcement was published online job. This speed is a gift for companies experiencing temporary of activity, and need help recruiting additional workload and to cover shifts due to illness or faults, in as little as 48 hours.


Online recruitment can be very profitable if the process is planned. Employers can save time cost, design and printing selecting platforms (websites) specific vacancy announcements. With proper research and planning, companies can make websites are better suited to attract audience groups that the company is looking to hire. Along with the initial process of advertising, the company may even reduce costs by automating the processes of pre selection that would otherwise have to be performed by the staff of Human Resources.

Media buying

Media buying implies that someone place vacancy announcements in the desired websites and negotiate the costs of these ads. Media buying online can be a tangled issue if the advertiser does not understand how the market works to make a message is delivered; for example, a vacancy announcement for a stylist will not attract suitable candidates if posted on a website known for hardware specialists. The main objective of efficient purchasing space is to ensure that the ad will a satisfactory number of potential candidates, rather a lot of not suitable candidates.


Recruiting online allows appropriate interaction with candidates. Since the process is personal and direct, questions are sent quickly, and there is a seamless flow of information from both sides. Online recruitment offers employers a rapprochement with potential employees, and when a candidate is not suitable for for the position applied for, companies can keep your resume in your database that may be suitable future vacancies couple the applicant.

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