CRM applications that you can implement in your business

CRM applications that you can implement in your business |
CRM applications that you can implement in your business |

The applications of CRM ( customer relationship management ) are tools specially designed for the management of customer relationships. With this type of applications, companies can efficiently manage sales, track marketing strategies, manage customer information, etc.

They are very useful tools. Implementing a CRM application in your business is a great opportunity to systematize and optimize customer management processes, so your business can become more productive and efficient.

CRM applications; best known as Open Source

When we talk about Open Source we refer to applications that are distributed and developed freely. They are not necessarily free, but in the majority of cases can be implemented without purchasing licenses.

Here are some free CRM applications we can find:

    • SugarCRM: It has a free version and with different payment options. It has the great advantage of being a CRM. It is one of the most popular choices in the market
    • FreeCRM: Available in English, Chinese, and Spanish. It offers a free version with certain limitations. It is also based on the web, then you have the advantage of being able to access it from any device with internet access.
    • VtigerCRM: Another of the most commonly used alternatives. It has several tools that make it one of a complete applications. It offers a free version as payment.
    • CiviCRM: Is an application designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, government entities, and social groups. It includes modules for customer management but adapted to the type of aforementioned organizations.
    • CRMWeb: This is a free and open software. To use it you need to download and then install it on your own server.

Among the alternatives open source, we can also mention hipergate, OpenERP and ZurmoCRM

Other applications of commercially available CRM

There are other CRM options that are not included in the category Open Source but are also recognized worldwide for its usefulness. These are some of them:

    • ZohoCRM: It is the most complete, intuitive and popular applications. Offers four different versions including a charge is included. It has all kinds of modules and features to suit the needs of different companies. It is available in Spanish and in English.
    • SalesForce: The developer of this software holds the title of being the most innovative company in the world by Forbes magazine. Not much to say, except that the millions of customers around the world confirm that it is a fairly complete and interesting application. SalesForce has a version in Spanish. It does not offer a free version (unlike ZohoCRM), but have the opportunity to try the application free of charge for 30 days.

Wikipedia mentions other CRM applications you pay between have to Selligent, CONTACT CRM, SAP CRM, Oracle CRM On Demand, nds CRM, Oracle Fusion CRM, Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft Corporation, Clarity World SA CRM, CRM Soltic.

Well, this concludes the report, but it would be a pleasure to have your participation in the field to discuss the different options mentioned here … Do you know or have used any CRM application in your business? Want to share some input or experience? Leave your comments!

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