Create free apps online without programming | Sell and earn money | iPhone, Android device

Create free apps online without programming | Sell and earn money | iPhone, Android device | tinobusiness
Create free apps online without programming | Sell and earn money | iPhone, Android device | tinobusiness

Apple sold more than 14 million dollars a day in applications, Android will follow the steps, and so on. Bill Gates encourages more young people to study programming or future career I would say this. In the Kickstarter-funded projects are technology. And the entrepreneurs who are making millions are developing technology companies.


Conclusion: I should not study letters …


The trend is clear and the future is uncertain for the employees, which can be easily replaced, even in the future a robot could be in their jobs and the younger generation should not waste their time following the same course.


I’m getting off the main subject but wanted to make clear that the careers of the future are changing.


Returning to the applications is the underlying issue, develop an application for smartphones or tablets can be tricky if you do not know programming, but those who do know are exploiting an untapped market where there is still much to explode.




For those who have little idea of the theme but have an interest in learning, there are tools to help you plan and develop applications both to promote a website to make money creating a useful application.


In Infinite Monkeys you can create your own application in an easy and fun, even just drag and drop. The first thing to do is gather your content as a social feed or maybe a calendar of events to promote his restaurant.


Continue according to the instructions step by step, for example by choosing the background color and theme, then drag and drop the content you want. Finally proceed to publish it in the various markets. Infinite Monkeys offers the easiest way to publish an app for the iPhone in the iTunes App Store and make an Android application for Google market simultaneously.


As for the price you can start with a free basic account where the application is free to download with no ads Infinite Monkeys, but if you do not want ads or want to gain from the sale of the application there are two accounts of pay to choose.


Let’s go through these 6 videos to gain more idea and let me fulfill this article with it. On the left corner at the top you will find the list to go to another video. Hope this article will be helpful for you and don’t forget, sharing is caring so share it to let others know of it.



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