Create an online store in minutes with Bigcommerce

Create an online store in minutes with Bigcommerce | tinobusiness
Create an online store in minutes with Bigcommerce | tinobusiness

Are you all ready? The product, equipment, capital, then holding you to sell more online. That’s a good question whose answer is varied. One answer is that no one has any idea how to create an online store or the process can be very complicated.


Perhaps before it was not so simple but now things are changing and the offers that are on the market are varied. A very interesting option is the one that gives us Bigcommerce that facilitates the creation of an online store in just minutes for you to focus on what really matters: Sales.

The package offers Bigcommerce is one of the best in the market and includes services website, domain name, secure shopping cart, product catalog, payment gateway, CRM, email accounts, marketing tools and most current mobile shops.



Once it is registered, you have access to a team of experts who will support e-commerce in you need to launch your store, promote your site and increase your sales.


To start the process must choose from a variety of templates to design and customize your store, then you will find many ways to offer their products with large, detailed images, plus easy management of inventory to sell anything: products, events, services or downloads.


The task is simplified with the control panel that allows monitoring process orders, manage inventory, handle returns, managing everything from anywhere. The marketing also becomes simple with the tools of promotions and coupons, email marketing, SEO, social media marketing and multi-channel marketing.


And tracking of sales is not a problem thanks to its powerful analysis tools to see the best sellers, major customers products and if not enough link your account with Google Analytics.Another interesting point is that Bigcommerce integrates with applications such as MailChimp, Facebook, Google and Constant Contact.

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