The content marketing is essential for SEO | Infographic

The content marketing is essential for SEO | Infographic |

As you know, in the Content Marketing “content is king” and a properly executed strategy can become a fundamental tool for obtaining new clients. All this mainly because content marketing increases brand awareness and positively affect the SEO of the website.

What seems difficult to understand is that there are still many companies that have not taken seriously the need to develop an online presence, let alone what a content marketing strategy can bring to the company. On the other side are those who despite knowing the importance of online marketing, act without any strategy, flying blind on social media and SEO and web traffic tactics.

Search engine optimization is one of the biggest headaches for companies that have a website and try to get as much traffic as possible. The continuous changes in the algorithm of Google make this increasingly complex for those looking to use SEO tactics such as task Link building. However, Google seems to show a clear trend towards assessing the quality content and dissemination social networks. Hence the importance of having a marketing strategy of optimal content, improving search engine optimization, and therefore traffic and customer acquisition.


Importance of content marketing in SEO

Even knowing that Google is committed to quality The content marketing is essential for SEO | Infographic | tinobusiness.comcontent assessment, yet many believe that through other methods they can achieve better results. The best way to show that content marketing is a substantial improvement in the SEO, and while SEO actions independent party to a global marketing strategy that supports not effective, is to see an example where data and results.

From Quicksprout  they have conducted a comprehensive study that have obtained very interesting results. Among other things we can see that today many companies are already spending 25% of its budget on content marketing company, will your competition be between them? Furthermore, those who do and have an updated blog get a 97% more potential customers.

The most relevant data are as follows:

  • 61% of consumers say they feel more identified with a company when they have a blog.
  • The interesting content is one of the main reasons why consumers follow brands on social networks.
  • 50% of consumers say that content marketing positively influence your buying decision.

Impact on rankings

  • Websites that maintain a blog with an average of 434% more indexed pages.
  • Quality content generates 97% more links.
  • Positioning by long tail has grown 68% since 2004. The easiest way to position for these keywords is through content marketing.
  • The pages positioned on the first page of Google results have an average of between 2,032 and 2,494 words.

You can find more information in the following graphics:

The content marketing is essential for SEO | Infographic |

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