Catchafire, the platform to volunteer without leaving home

Catchafire, the platform to volunteer without leaving home | tinobusiness
Catchafire, the platform to volunteer without leaving home | tinobusiness

Catchafire is a platform that allows people to find and be part of projects of non-profit organizations anywhere in the world.


With approximately 1,700 projects and 10,000 volunteers registered in the database, Catchafire provides its members with a significant ‘pro bono’, which positively affects the operational capacity of social organizations around the world experience.

For some time the entities nonprofit found in young people an important engine that allows them to carry out projects involving a large number of people, however, some of these tasks require many highly trained personnel situations willing to perform . Therefore, this platform was created six years ago to provide a space where organizations and volunteers can make known their needs and talents, a system that made it possible in the first months the savings of more than more than 3 million of dollars to various institutions around the world.

Catchafire, the platform to volunteer without leaving home | tinobusiness


Catchafire provides a digital environment where about 90% of the projects can be carried out virtually. Specific tasks such as conducting a marketing plan, or design of the visual identity of an institution, are frequently requested by organizations and not necessarily require the presence of people on the premises, making it the ideal platform for professionals who want to do social work, but for work, as the timetable or the distances they have not.

How do some of Catchafire?

To start participating in a project is only necessary to register on the platform and answer two questions that filter programs according to interests such as the environment, arts and culture, education and international affairs or voluntary specialties such as digital marketing, graphic design, finance, administration, among others. After selecting the project participants must pass a selection process that will determine whether the person is fit or not for the job.

Catchafire, the platform to volunteer without leaving home | tinobusiness

In addition, volunteers can meet all the necessary information, such as hours of work required, the functions of the office, and even estimate the amount of savings that will provide the participant to the work of the organization.

Catchafire is definitely a great opportunity for professionals from around the world to put aside the excuses and start making part of a project that can contribute to society efficiently, from anywhere in the world and the security of the talents of each impact the lives of those who need it most.


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