Career opportunities: 4 Best ways on how to become an insurance agent

Career opportunities: 4 Best ways on how to become an insurance agent |
Career opportunities: 4 Best ways on how to become an insurance agent |

Have you ever considered making a career as an insurance agent? If not, you should consider this great option for a number of reasons: having an education relatively normal, you can start a lucrative and exciting business with good profits.

However, since being insurance agent usually does not require any type of degree or diploma, it can be difficult to know what are the steps and skills necessary to enter in this field.

The steps you need to take to be insurance agent

1. Visit an insurance office

The first step is to visit an insurance office or send an email to any insurance agency you know.Insurance companies constantly offer jobs because this is one of the industrial sectors which (almost) never have losses and in which there is always demand by users.

So go to an insurance office (can be safe online, auto insurance, life insurance …) or send an email to go to work at that company.

2. Start the training process

Once they accept your resume, you must pass a training course for insurance agent. These courses are provided by companies themselves, they are generally unpaid and usually last from 1 to 2 months.

3. Make the test to get your license of insurance agent

Completed the course, the company you’ll go to work will test with a test to get your license. These tests contain questions of multiple choice (choose one of the options) and are not too complicated to pass.

4. You have a job!


If you have completed the course and got pass the exam necessary, congratulations! You’re an insurance agent and have one of the best job opportunities that exist today.

The functions of an insurance agent

Although an insurance agent specializing in a specific field (cars, houses, life insurance, etc.), the tasks typical of these professionals are:

  • Collect customer information to assess their needs and financial possibilities
  • Explain the characteristics of the various insurance contracts to its customers
  • Managing policy renewal and maintain customer records
  • Provide assistance to customers when they need to use their insurance
  • Send the details of customers to the providers of insurance services
  • Attract new customers

What is the salary of an insurance agent?

Although the salary of each insurance agent depends on the company where you are, and the commissions you get for each new insurance performed, salary is usually:

Level Annual salary Hourly wage
Beginner insurance agent $ 21,000 $ 11
Experienced insurance agent $ 62,970 $ 30
Senior insurance agent $ 72,490 $ 35


You see, the payment is usually pretty good and why this profession is one of the best job opportunities there, allowing earn good money and no experience required. All right, as always, it’s time to watch some videos to gain more information.


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