Businesses that grow in times of crisis – Here are some options

Businesses that grow in times of crisis - Here are some options | tinobusiness

If you search for businesses that grow in times of crisis, our team has anticipated and did research to help those entrepreneurs who do not allow themselves to be end up on the weather difficult times.

Meet some businesses that grow in times of crisis. Even in an unfavorable economic environment, there are some segments that end up growing. See this article some types of businesses that perform well in times of crisis.

The economic crisis of 2015, we had already anticipated since the beginning of the first half of last year, it is already there. Just follow the newspapers, magazines and on TV news. But that does not mean you should not think about opening your own business.

There are many types of businesses that grow in times of crisis, and if you are prepared, an economic environment that may seem unfavorable, you may end up providing great investment options.

Historically, times of economic difficulties has been the cradle of great business.While all discouraged world and getting carried away by defeatist, some entrepreneurs identify opportunities to start their business.

If the 2015 economic crisis is inevitable, let’s prepare ourselves to find out what are the segments that will present the best opportunities for growth despite the unfavorable economic environment.




What are the segments that usually grow in times of crisis?

The team made a retrospect of the performance of various sectors linked to small and medium entrepreneurs, which in situations of previous economic crises had a great performance.

With the crisis people are turning to enjoy the most basic services and return to old habits in recent times been losing users and businesses. This is the right time to create a business in these areas.



Repairs and repairs on clothes

In times of crisis, many people prefer to do small repairs on clothing than buying a new compromise budget. A growing number of small repairs companies in clothes that are open throughout the country.

This type of business, which in times of plenty focuses only minor adjustments clothes, in times of crisis turns to the preservation of clothing. So among the many businesses that grow in times of crisis, this is our first suggestion.



Repairs and shoe repairs

Repair the shoe on the shoemaker is no longer part of the routine of many people, but in times of crisis, this will definitely return. The reason is the same as mentioned for the repair of clothes, economy and cost containment.

If you already own a shoe store, ready for a good increase in the movement because the consumerist wave of throwing away shoes and shoes with small problems, probably over soon. Mias one of the businesses that are expected to grow in grow in times of crisis.



Sale of used cars

With money getting short and credit scarce, many people, instead of buying a new car, will appeal to the good old secondhand car and there comes another business idea that is expected to grow much in a situation of economic crisis.

In Brazil, like many people bought the car benefit can be things get very ugly and people have to get rid of those financed cars, creating an ocean of great business opportunities at very attractive prices.



Machine shops

With the reduction of the credit for the purchase of a new car and the specter of unemployment that scares people the benefits of financing, car repair you already have is the best option for those who want to keep your car and not take risks.

Among the businesses that are expected to grow through the crisis approaching, the machine shops occupy a prominent place similar to what happened during the recent European economic crisis. So if you already operates in the sector or are in search of a good business opportunity, it is stated.



Bicycle shop

With the impending sharp rise in gasoline prices and derivatives, it is possible that many small change paths that were previously made by car, a good and healthy pedaling, to contribute to the reduction of domestic spending.

Here at, Web’ve had a chance to review the question of how to ride a bike shop and now, we suggest that in addition to the sale of bicycles, the entrepreneur also adds repairing service. For those already in the branches, prepare for good times in 2015.



Food Trucks

Examples : The fashion of Food Trucks began in New Yorke due to the crisis of 2008 and arrived in São Paulo, where is spreading throughout Brazil. Although it is relatively new this is one of our betting business to grow in times of crisis.

The reasoning is simple. As one of the characteristics of food trucks is just offer good food at a low price, many people will turn to food trucks as a way to save. It is the type of business to be evaluated with care.



Renovations of apartments

Credit restrictions and fear of failing to honor the installments of financing are the perfect match for the prosperity of the segment of small works and repairs at home and apartments. In a crisis situation you can save on everything but the preservation of one’s home one can not fail to be made, including to preserve the assets already acquired.

In this segment you have two options, or mount his own company reforms, or else opt for a franchise in this area as Dr. Resolve and other available. Is the way it is, this is another example of businesses that grow in times of crisis.

Not because, it seems, we will have tough times ahead, you must curb their entrepreneurial spirit. On the contrary, in times of crisis arise great business opportunities. The important thing is to prepare for the crisis, not to get caught by surprise.


We leave here our suggestions for businesses that grow in times of crisis to inspire our readers. And you? Have any other suggestions? Leave to comment and subscribe to our newsletter.


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