Brand journalism, the key is to upgrade your audience

Brand journalism, the key is to upgrade your audience | tinobusiness

The Brand Journalism is a powerful tool in editorial marketing strategies. Beyond informing the latest corporate news, it’s about creating publications that generate knowledge and enhance brand reputation.

Thanks to the birth of a generation of informed, selective and demanding individuals, and the emerging need for brands to offer not just a product or service but also create value, enrich knowledge and contribute to building a better society and aware of the situation of the world today, was born in recent years what is known as Brand Journalism as a different way for companies to connect with their stakeholders.

Journalism brand refers to the activity that companies do collect, sort and produce content to inform the audience, mostly linked to current affairs. In general, the Brand Journalism becomes visible on platforms or editorial publications available to the public, who manage and administer the brands in order to increase their reputation, noted for its expertise and strengthen their storytelling philosophy, among other possibilities.


While the brand Journalism often includes the most important events and events of the company, you can not rest alone on the creation and dissemination of press releases and product launches: should go a step further. If you stay only in this instance it could not be regarded as Brand Journalism, as it focuses on the dissemination of corporate information that misfortune brands, fails to be sufficiently striking. So how do you get to be an important medium? Here are a few recommendations and show them a picture of what is happening in this regard.

Media brand


The Brand Journalism, like journalism, is based on credibility and authority to have a means of communication. Therefore, the information published under the imprint of a brand must be reliable and transparent and it is important to demonstrate knowledge of sector.

To demonstrate expertise, wisdom and commitment to the industry that we are talking, today many brands create an imprint with another name, in order to position itself as an independent media, supported by a recognized company, but ultimately After all, independent. This is the case of, a publishing platform created in 2009 by the US multinational Adobe, in order to inspire leaders to innovate in digital marketing industry. Interviews, research reports, insights, trends, among other contents, which have a quality seal have made outstanding becomes a binding site for the world’s leading digital.

Brand journalism, the key is to upgrade your audience | tinobusiness
Brand Journalism Is a Modern Marketing Imperative

You can also look at what has HCSB your media with Global Connections, in which aims to help businesses grow internationally. Beyond reporting on various industries, commerce, trade, the situation in Latin America and the world and strategies, Global Connections is constantly educating their readers with relevant data on exchange rates, the prices of maritime transport, and -commerce, among others, relevant information that can guide managers to make decisions.

Brand journalism, the key is to upgrade your audience | tinobusiness

A story behind the news

While it is true that journalism is based on the activity of producing formal content related to current issues, today many brands use the narrative as a fundamental component of their publications to keep the formality of a medium, but also to tell the facts in a more entertaining way.

By including storytelling within each news produced, you can expose stories about the brand, showcase their innovation processes and advance their businesses worldwide, all focused on communication and information, without falling into a mere public relations strategy. It is important to think that what your company can generate value to your audience.

The most notable case in point is that of Coca Cola Journey, a media created by the multinational that only publishes news on draft sustainability of the company, its evolution through the years, the investment made by enterprises and technology, its vision of marketing, among other topics. All content published Journey Coca Cola is linked to a corporate history where the values and philosophy of brand through journalism are exposed.

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Niche publications

Like several prominent media worldwide that specialize in a specific niche, some brands have also created original, periodicals and specialized publications, in order to strengthen the emotional bond with the audience.

This is the case of Red Bull and its publication The Red Bulletin, a monthly magazine that issues of culture and sport, which features print in countries around the world such as Australia, USA, New Zealand, South Africa touch and Mexico, in others, and is especially aimed at people with a passion for adventure, athletes and artists.

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Although the Brand Journalism is not a new term and has actually been several years ago, today are increasingly using the knowledge brands in its sector for its digital marketing strategies, because despite the journalism mark is so reputation and recognition, will never be detached from a tactical action. Moreover, the brand Journalism is perhaps one of the most transparent and ethical practices of companies, which is worthy of admiration and appreciation.

While it is true that in the world there are already many media created by brand, in Latin America is still a trend that has not been taken into account with force. However, it will not be long before the big companies start hiring journalists and editors and have a department specializing in content that can shape the letter perhaps more important for a company: knowledge.

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