What is the best age to start a business? | Business Tips

What is the best age to start a business? | Business Tips | tinobusiness
What is the best age to start a business? | Business Tips | tinobusiness

This is a question asked by millions of entrepreneurs around the world hoping to be told if your age is appropriate to start a business. Some start out of curiosity, others do it out of necessity and many do to prove they can take the reins…

Some say it takes/requires experience, others claim that must have stored a principal, or that you need to be young to start over if it fails. Many prefer an adult who can withstand setbacks, others will ensure that youth is necessary because it’s risky.

The following paragraphs discuss together what are the pros and cons of starting a business in the different stages of life:

Of 0-5 years

I know you can not do much at that age, but it seems reasonable comment on the possibilities of each stage, including some entrepreneurs have parents or growing up in an environment of companies. Human beings learn from that is on the belly and then when born learns everything, he hears and sees, and if you are listening terms of businesses and companies or see his parents are not going to work but run their own business that child has a good chance of success in a business world which actually would be familiar to the world.

From 6 to 11 years

Usually the child is at the stage of primary education and can be started in small home businesses such as selling lemonade, mowing neighbors, collecting soda bottles recycling or other you can think of. This stage is discovery, the child mixes and plays with this new world that can please or not, depending if they have someone alongside to support it.

12-17 years


Here the self-confidence and strengthens small entrepreneurs mature, but still inexperienced venture with the intention of getting the glory and step independence. But it is in this age where the task of parents is very important because it is they who can influence younger children to choose the right way and of course to support both morally and financially when young entrepreneurs fail.

From 18 to 24

In many countries the age of majority is achieved and the government recognizes them as adults, and of course assumes that can make their own decisions and take risks for themselves. Experts say that starting young is better because we have the time to recover from several falls and of course to get a lot of experience. Young people have good health, high energy, little to lose, a high tolerance for risk and boundless optimism.

From 25 to 34 years

It is the most popular age for starting a business, perhaps because it has matured and already have usually a clear idea of what you want for yourself. On either side are obtained entrepreneurial skills that are needed and has lived long enough to make decisions, also will have some assets and credit facilities; have great confidence and some connections to do business.

From 35 to 44 years

At this stage there are mixed opinions, some consider one of the best because the experience accumulated capital and risk calm and inexperience take precedence, but there are others who believe that perhaps no longer very suitable start this age because they have a family burden, have spent several years working for others and are not daring enough to drop everything and start again. In my opinion I prefer putting the experience and if you feel ready, embark on this new adventure only you always have to have a cushion below in case.

From 45 to 65 years

At this age many already feel comfortable with what they do and get out of comfort zone can be a difficult challenge to overcome, there are several points as against the deteriorating health.

Some decide to start a forced by circumstances as a termination of employment, the recession or because they have had enough routine, so start your business with little savings, with part of his retirement or received settlement business, but without a strong reason are destined to fail. But that said, if you can find a way to minimize financial risk and reduce the risk to start a business at an advanced age is also not to be intimidated.

Finally, if you ask me a suitable age or ideal for starting a business now, I will say that there is not, one must know how to seize the opportunity and for that we must be prepared.

What do you think on this? We want to hear your opinion. Please comment below.

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What is the best age to start a business? | Business Tips | tinobusiness


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