Benefits of ads in a magazine with a target audience | Marketing

Benefits of ads in a magazine with a target audience | Marketing | tinobusiness
Benefits of ads in a magazine with a target audience | Marketing | tinobusiness

The Association of Media Magazine, in his “Magazine Handbook: engagement to action” (Manual magazines: commitment to action), 2011, states that magazine readers are on the rise compared to the last five years. He also cites the consumer confidence in the ads they see in magazines and the ability to reach the main demographic groups as some of the main reasons to advertise in this medium. Magazine advertising has proven over time, which is an effective way to reach consumers, especially through publications with a specific audience.

What are the benefits of putting advertising in a magazine with a target audience?


Well defined audience

Identifying your market order is one of the most important parts of planning to launch a service or product to consumers, because your target market gives you a clear indication of the types of people you want to reach. If you know who you want to reach and there is a magazine aimed at your target audience, it is a combination naturally to the potential success of advertising. Readers subscribed to the publication because they have a specific interest in the niche topic and are probably more likely to be interested in products and services designed to fit that niche.

Expectations readers

When readers subscribe to a magazine for a specific audience, you know what kind of information they will receive. For example, consumers who subscribe to the magazine “How” are willing to read about graphic design, while readers of “Art doll quarterly” know that the contents include information about making dolls. With these expectations in mind, these readers are already prepared to receive advertising offers that relate directly to the content of the magazine.

The reader’s mindset

The content of a niche magazine focuses on meeting the needs of the readers of this group, as opposed to generic readers, the content can work to awaken interest in the products offered in several announcements over the magazine. For example, a consumer may be reading an article about the importance of using a project management program for designers, in a magazine specifically for independent designers. If you see an ad for project management software built specifically for creative businesses, the reader can get more information about the product, instead of seeing a television commercial about the product or an ad in a magazine that is less generic-focused on their interests.

Quality of sharing

One of the main benefits of advertising in print magazines is that they have a long shelf life. People keep magazines in their homes, shared with friends or take them to their workplaces.This is especially true of the readers of magazines niche or specific audience. If you have friends or colleagues whose interests coincide with theirs, they may be inclined to share content and even product announcements that are considering testing. This is especially true in professional and creative circles.


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