Being an entrepreneur is to turn ideas into reality | The way of undertaking

Being an entrepreneur is to turn ideas into reality | The way of undertaking | tinobusiness
Being an entrepreneur is to turn ideas into reality | The way of undertaking | tinobusiness

The passion for entrepreneurship can be found on the road. When talking with Diego Mariño Lentesplus cofounder and who traveled to Philadelphia to do their MBA, ensures that relate to the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and ended the subject. “I started to think I’d be happier being enterprising”.

Starting his happiness led him down the path of entrepreneurship, Diego begins to look for ideas and including a trip determined his future. “I could not find my contact lenses, I went to buy and were costly and difficult because I did come back as three times and there I wondered why there was no website to buy them quickly. ” says Diego.

This event was definitely the start of an idea that became reality. So says Diego when asked what was to be an entrepreneur. “Being an entrepreneur is to turn ideas into reality and that this idea will not only benefit you, but you get to touch the lives of people”.

The idea is the Jaime Oriol told his current partner and in 2013 in the middle of the MBA experience without risking to undertake test the idea that since June 2014 consolidated in Colombia.

Lentesplus, shortly begin operations reached in less than six months to Mexico and is now preparing to enter Chile.


This e-commerce, is a means of distribution of contact lenses where the user selects his glasses, graduation and brand. It is essential to raise the medical formula purchased at the gate and once you choose can be paid by credit card, debit card, cash on delivery..

Comparing Mexico and Colombia in the areas of e-commerce, Diego says: “In Colombia 75% of the purchases are to be assisted by chat or phone. In Mexico, this percentage is reduced to 40% because people are more accustomed to buying online transactions and trust “ . The startup in Colombia is growing at 30% per month and in Mexico with 50%; however, one of the great challenges is to build trust and convince customers, but advised that this entrepreneurial team with discipline and team work is achievable ideal.

Furthermore, the platform was recognized as the best online store to be part of Startup Mexico (SUM) in the incubation step with the opportunity to open new markets in Mexico thanks to presentations and relationships with suppliers and investors.

He gave us some recommendations for a successful e-commerce were:

  1. Offer clear value: People have to understand that it is better to go to e-commerce to go to the store.
  2. Strong team: We must build a team with skills and committed to the company.
  3. Trust: Help users and providers to rely on the company. You need scoring methods where they can feed back service.
  4. Payments: payment facilities for customers and make the customer happy at all costs because the best marketing is word of mouth.


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