Apps inevitable for fashion lovers | Fashionists

Apps inevitable for fashion lovers | Fashionists | tinobusiness

Amid the fashionists environment under IXEL FASHION consulted four bloggers to meet fashion trends and must in my mobile devices to set the standard in urban gateway.


Style app : Juan Diego Perdomo, the blog ” Fashion Taster ‘recommends this tool, rated 4+ on the App Store. It was created by the Condé Nast (The New Yorker, Vogue and Vanity Fair, among other publications) to interact with the wise fashion and stay informed of the latest trends. “You can find the collections of all the designers. For example, if you want to see the photos of the Spring – Summer Collection a designer in 2005, this application has it. “


WGSN : Ita Maria, founder of the blog ‘ of fashion and other demons ‘recommends this platform, created by fashion consultant with the same name, which advises experts beauty, clothing brands and designers worldwide, as a source of first-hand industry news. “It is my main source of information. It is updated at all times. Really better that no information. “

Chicisimo : an application created in the US with English and Spanish version, which allows to qualify the style options costumes and involves a global community of girls, is a favorite Tatiana Moreno, blogger ‘ Icona Style ‘. According to Tatiana, it lets see Chicisimo urban trend-setting styles. The tool ‘is very interesting because it lets you know the actual Street Style Fashion or any city. “


Other recommended Diego Rodriguez, blogger ‘mobile applications Chic Man ‘, allow to create a separate closet and make purchases online. These are  Cloth app, Zalando and Polyvore, which include sections for the latest trends in fashion accessories for mobile devices.

Glamour Magazine also recommends mobile applications Mencanta for addicts portfolios and Chicfeed, including articles of famous bloggers. These applications not only let you know the latest fashion trends but be connected to a global network of fashionistas.



The device style does matter

Fashion does not exist only in the garments. Devices such as cell phones and tablets, watches, cases, headphones, also communicate fashion and dress in the latest trends; so says the blogger ‘of fashion and other demons’ who recommends choose what makes us feel more comfortable and identify with our personalities. “I prefer solid colors, without many drawings, I have inclined covers with graphic statements, phrases rather than drawings. It’s cool to dress. “

For the creators of unique styles there are applications that allow you to design the covers of mobile devices online. They stand Skinit and Caseapp, which allow to adapt and print images. Those who prefer the professional designs, follow the latest trends published by websites like Casetify, Society6 and Nordstrom, where not only can guide but shopping and shipping to Colombia.


Trending tech accessories

Among smart watches, portable chargers and camera lenses with sophisticated angles, those working in the world of fashion are indispensable accessory use to develop your exercise level.

Keyboards currently on the market for tablets with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, useful for writing notes trends from the runways, or lenses for camera phones as  Photojojo. They are like the professionals: bloggers allow you to shoot high quality and can turn a standard photo into an international photography magazine cover.

Mobile devices potentiate exercise fashion bloggers to get their content to be viewed by thousands of followers in realtime. “Do not think you can talk about fashion blogs so important without the help of mobile devices,” concluded Mary Ita. “We provide many processes and save you time because, in the end, the promise of value fashion blogs is immediacy.”

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