Antropomarketing the consumer from human side

Antropomarketing the consumer from human side | tinobusiness
Antropomarketing the consumer from human side | tinobusiness

Why marketers should not put aside anthropology? Here we tell you all you need to know about ‘antropomarketing’, a concept that aims to understand the consumer from human side.

Anthropology is the science that aims to produce knowledge on humans in several respects. From this social or cultural anthropology follows a branch that focuses its studies on human knowledge through their customs, beliefs and relationships.

But such has been the importance of this science in devising marketing strategies globally, today experts have termed ‘antropo marketing’ integration of anthropology in marketing processes. This strategic concept incorporates different anthropological research methodologies in order to analyze consumers more deeply understand and achieve their customs, their behavior and their different behavior patterns.

What is the difference between consumer study of antropomarketing?


According to Patricia Sunderland and Rita Deny, PhDs in anthropology and research market, “(…) The markets are not made up of segments of people to own their profiles specific needs, but are made up of systems of practices and meanings intertwined, they may or may not resonate for a product, brand or experience. ” This is the main difference between a market research conducted through qualitative techniques such as ‘focus group’, and methodologies based on a study of anthropology and ethnography, a research procedure that relies on so immersed observe social practices a particular group.

In that vein, anthropology applied to marketing, in addition to being useful to understand what is happening with the consumer, it is effective to clarify the background of the decisions and actions of that individual. This allows brands to identify catalysts behavior of people, even when they are subconscious.

How can capitalize marks antropomarketing?

The ability to understand the consumer perspective enables companies to anticipate the different socio-cultural changes that affect the behavior of individuals. Knowing the behavior of consumers from an “internal” view is essential for companies to redesign not only your products or services but also the entire user experience around them.

The fact analyze and understand the consumer from his human side, enables brands to deepen the needs of people, and generate truly viable solutions for its users, which result in the retention of the same.

For years antropo marketing has been overlooked by many companies, however, current trends such as human marketing , which proposes to take into account the interactions between individuals to rethink ways to establish business relationships, or the average human that puts in the foreground the human factor to understand that “online platforms and tools are only the means and not the engine” suggests that anthropology applied to marketing but a plus is a need for brands today.

What companies no matter what the sector in which desempeñan- must understand, it is to analyze and understand the consumer from his human side is not a plus but a necessity that must be resolved for brands to achieve fit the constant changes affecting people over time, changes that undoubtedly have a direct relationship with the purchasing decisions of each.

In that vein, understand people and their behavior should not be measured only in quantitative figures, but also require a deep semantic and anthropological analysis is key for brands to effectively execute strategies of personalized communication, or emotional marketing with which people can feel really identified.

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