9+1 Tips to Succeed Any Job Interview


We must be aware that, as Oscar Wilde said  “there is no second chance for a first impression”. This means that only accounts with a unique chance to achieve your dream job. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that the interview starts from the moment you walk in the company and the receptionist just to say goodbye. 

It is therefore essential care to the smallest detail. This is so important as most interviewers the candidate react positively or negatively in 90 seconds, ie in less than 2 minutes that person knows whether or not you will offer the position to which you aspire. Having said that, to succeed, we present some basic tips to overcome an interview.

Never lie

This is the first tip and the most basic of all. The person in front’ll have a thousand interviews behind, so you should not lie at all since before he caught the liar to the lame. I’m not asking you not wear makeup your labor feats, but lying on the level of English and suchlike is already well seen and is ineffective.

Show your interest

It is a crucial step before going to the interview. Find out about the company in question and investigate thoroughly about it. Explore both the positive information and the dirty laundry of the company. According to the site Business Insider, the 47% of interviewers have eliminated candidates with little or no knowledge of the company to which posit.


Let them know your desire to learn


Prepare complex and creative questions that may interest the interviewer or the management of the company. Thus, you show an enterprising, daring and eager to learn attitude. Following the advice of Javier Miner Aranzabal, Doctor of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Deusto, “it is surprising that in front of you, and what better way to surprise that leading”.

Create your own story

We all have something to say and you sure as well. That story combined with some background music, a good script and advance preparation can become the best trailer of your life. The purpose of a trailer is to sell the film, it embraces that concept and sell yourself to yourself. Of course, as we said earlier, it is forbidden to lie. Just don’t do it. Even if you have nothing to say, just remember the moment in school where you had chance to be the best among other. A competition or any story that gives best impression of yourself would be great.

It is a “cultural fit”

Having internalized the person is chameleonic ability or advantage is almost as much or more than the training itself or curriculum. This Anglo – Saxon concept becomes the adaptability of self-respect to a new place or environment . Companies are increasingly evaluating this new skill because it helps create a better working environment, which translates into higher productivity and increased production for the company. That said, it shows that you have excellent personal and communication skills. To do this you must pass an open and extroverted attitude during the interview.

Clothing and physical appearance is “must”

Focusing first on the dress, I recommend not protrude from the standard. Using neutral tones and colors is not sin by choosing sets too ostentatious or provocative. 70% of interviewers dismiss candidates appearing too trendy or fashion. You are not having interview for becoming the famous and handsome actor but simly selling yourself as a best product.  Experts recommend image consulting wear blue, because it is a soothing color and a sure bet for interviews. Other colors like black or gray may also be suitable, but unlike the blue have too many nuances that include negative connotations.


Second is the physical aspect. We advise you to take a simple and neat hairstyle. In short the more the better men and women, but can play with this feature, there is always the wild card chignon or ponytail to give a formal and simple appearance. Referring to makeup, it controls both the amount and colors. No need to be painted as a door, simple is often smarter than presumptuous.

Take care of most of your body language

Like I said in the beginning, everything starts from you to get to the company, so everything you do and say transcends in the final result, because although it may seem exaggerated, every action you make is valued and qualified to the millimeter. Starting from the  handshake, do not try to pretend superiority pressing with excessive force, as sometimes this can be interpreted as a sign of insecurity, but not be a pushover and give the “soft” hand.


Maintain eye contact at all times with the interviewer. Be expressive and smiling, always smiling and often. Thus the person you have in front may empathize with you. During the interview apply the technique of “triple pitch” ( triple nod ) to nod and show that you are listening constantly. At the same time, show yourself interested but not to the point of restless, because it can convey nervousness and insecurity.

The manner and position in which you feel also conveys a lot in the field of body language. Sit correct and polite manner, men can choose to spend the leg over but the important thing is to stay upright and straight. In the case of women crossing legs is the best choice.  Do not cross your arms under any circumstances as this gesture it means an opposite and negative position. Nor  blow with foot on the table or on the floor and play with a pen or any object that is on the table, because these behaviors communicate instability and imbalance.

How to explain a failure

Unfortunately a failure in Hispanic culture, unlike in Anglo – Saxon, still perceived and interpreted as negative a background to be ashamed of, but that’s not your case. Try this failure as if it were learning. Explain to the interviewer that has been a source of experience to apply in future professional challenges. You must convey that you are able to learn from your mistakes. One thing you should never do is blame your superiors or colleagues for that failure, since it reflects a zero loyalty to your previous company and a bad camaraderie with your coworkers.


Your greatest success

While you’ve been asked by a failure in your work history, also has a success that you have achieved. You do not have to be professional, it is if you focus on the personal side may touch the heartstrings of the interviewer and relax. Do not settle only describe the achievement, explain the difficulties you faced and how did you manage to overcome them. The interviewer is interested in the case, but will pay more attention to the details related to the improvement, effort and ingenuity related to success.

Minutiae of vital importance

These latest small tips will make you to look after these important elements that can be that make a difference when you hire them. Starting with punctuality, it is advisable to arrive 5-10 minutes before the appointment. If you arrive before that time margin, you can give the impression that you have nothing to do or you can even get to convey an image of impatient, so it is not a very positive feature. It goes without saying that you can not be late interview, because in that case you run automatically discarded.


Turn off your mobile. Not only it may not sound or vibrate, but can not receive whatsapps, messages, calls or even emails. And do not ever look at it even once, remember to maintain eye contact at all times and be focused on the interview.

Now finally closing the interview. In this part of the interview touches usually perform one or more questions related to the position you are applying. I recommend asking about the objectives to be achieved in the post, evaluation system related or promotional options exist in the future. Thus, in addition to interesting questions, sample some security since you’re viewing a future in the company.

Finally, thanks for the opportunity you have given and say goodbye cordially interviewee, and of course the reception, as these are the eyes and ears of the company and may have a degree of influence in your selection process.


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