9+ Ways to encourage a productive and happy team + videos

9+ Ways to encourage a productive and happy team + videos
9+ Ways to encourage a productive and happy team + videos

The greatest asset of a company is its team. When people who represent the brand are in tune with his vision, his work is more productive and are also happier. When workers are happy they are more productive. The problem is that it also works in reverse: an unhappy worker is less productive than it could be.

People need to reach their full respect professional potential. The following three steps will help you support your team members to maximize their time and therefore their productivity.


1 – Set clear goals and expectations

Before hiring should make sure to explain the purpose of your paper. The details of what you will do must be perfectly clear.

Clearly define the roles and how they support the objectives to identify and hire the right people. If you do not know exactly what you expect from someone you may be too much or not make the most of their strengths.




2 – Assess employees regularly

A quarterly analysis will allow you to make a review to assess whether something has to change in the function of an employee. Ideally, to maximize their talents. To do this, the employee should spend at least 80% of your time doing things that really align with your strengths. Comments may help uncover the strengths.

In addition to quarterly meetings, it is important to provide specific training from time to time. It is also important to discuss the goals of short-term employees and what they are doing to achieve those objectives and what obstacles are in the way.



3 – Explain that their contributions are important

Have regular meetings to share why it is important the work of each person is another useful strategy for making an employee feel motivated and happy and, therefore, more productive. It is recognizing him see how making contributes to the overall objectives of the department and / or the business as a whole.

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