9 Perfect Ways to Make Money on the Internet | Business Tips and Tricks

9 Perfect Ways to Make Money on the Internet | Business Tips and Tricks | tinobusiness.com
9 Perfect Ways to Make Money on the Internet | Business Tips and Tricks | tinobusiness.com

How to make money on the internet? One question that keeps coming up on the web. There is no magic formula that will ensure that you will become rich overnight without any effort. Create a website that you will make money takes time and energy, hence the importance of choosing a topic that interests you and you light up as the starting point.
Depending on the field of activity you choose and the time you want to invest in your project, there are different ways to monetize your site.

Personally, web projects I’ve created in the past worked with various business models: advertising sales, affiliate marketing and promoting products that I considered relevant to my audience.

The various means used to make money on the Internet

1 – Advertising Sales

Undoubtedly, the most used medium on the web to make money on the web.A typical scenario of this means to monetize your project: – A fishing enthusiast develops a website or a blog compared to its favorite hobby.The latter writes weekly articles qualities of tips, tricks, equipment and offers various locations in Quebec to fish and catch good fish. After six months of work, his website now gets an average of over 6000 unique visitors per month (this traffic comes from Google, social networks and word of mouth done by other passionate fishing). Our entrepreneur decides to go see some shops and fishing offer to create an article for the store in question or to display advertising of the store on its website. He managed to sell for $ 600.00 per month commercials. Not bad as a beginning!

Our fisherman begin to make a name in the field. If his blog continues to capture public attention, it is likely that he will contact by different companies to write articles, display advertisements and criticize different products.Maybe it even receive an offer of a large company such as Rapala Berkley or to sell its site or become a major competitor in the adventure.




2 – Selling Your Own Products

You create unique products? You know people who create items that merit visibility on the web? Why not build a website with e-commerce, which it does very well with WordPress , and later, to add a blog to increase the number of visitors to your website. Adding quality items relative to your products or are in the line will attract more traffic to your site and arouse the curiosity of your visitors. Result: more visibility for your products and at the same time, more sales.

Our fisherman could then sell in a separate page in a PDF file his blog about the different techniques infallible he has developed over the years.



3 – Professional Services Sales

By positioning yourself as a professional compared to your passion or your profession, you can make one stone two blows and thus make known, offer and sell your services to users of your website. For example, your web project on the best strategies for social networks could certainly help you land more community management mandates in the course of the year.

To do this, simply add a “Services” page to your WordPress blog where you can list your professional services and your clients’ appreciation of evidence.




4 – Making Money on the Internet through affiliate marketing

What is it? Affiliate marketing is the technique used to promote the services / products of another company than yours through a link that you shared on your website or elsewhere on the web. The person concerned by the products or services you recommend clicks the link in question, and will buy the product, which earned you a commission for selling it. Affiliate marketing is not yet very well known in Quebec. What for? Well, because there are few Quebec companies (offering products or original services) that use this type of program. I sincerely believe that this is a strategy that will increasingly exploited as and as the companies will realize the potential for increased sales as this type of service can generate.

There are several websites that deal with managing corporate deals strictly for affiliate marketing. Here are a few:

Commission Junction http://www.cj.com/


Amazon Affiliate




5 – Marketing by sending emails

Marketing by sending emails (newsletters or if you prefer) is to compile first a list of emails registration of visitors to your site. What makes this technique is highly interesting? Well, those registered to your email list are already very interested in your services or your blog. You can then email them once a week or once a month, including news compared to new products you offer, or do their part of a new article on your site in which you are promoting another affiliate marketing service. Be careful because it will be selective with the products you recommend. Do not try at all costs to make money on the Internet easily. Your reputation is at stake when you recommend something.

As you see, there are many ways to monetize your subscribers.

The email sending service Aweber is very effective to compile the addresses of your subscribers and send them to perform.

Also, an extension (plugin) WordPress very interesting to have on its site is Popup domination that will allow you to grow your subscribers in no time.




6 – Critique products

Perform the criticism of different products or services to your blog is another effective way to make money on the Internet. Either you will be approached by a company working in the same area as your passion (they give you the product in question and you can also pay for this service) or is, you buy the product yourself, and then add a link in affiliation (see section on affiliate marketing above).




7 – Site with subscription and private contents

This technique involves creating a website in which you will share articles to attract visitors. Some of the items will be free to consult while others (perhaps more comprehensive, professional and precise) require a paid account to access it.

The website PSDTUTS is a very good example. Thousands of people visit the site each day, navigating through different tutorials for Photoshop. Some of these tutorials, more complex and more accurate are reserved for members who have paid a monthly fee.

To implement such a system, there is a professional WordPress extension called s2member. This plugin will create a system of free and paid members of the type that will give them access to private sections of your site or not.




8 – Obtaining a certain notoriety in your field

You position as the “guru” of your passion could take you to unexpected paths. This is how we see, in recent years, several bloggers being approached for speaker and even write a book.





9 – Selling Your Website


Sell your website is in most cases how to get the most money.Even if you do by money now with your project, but you have gained notoriety, many loyal readers or have your site for many years, it can be very interesting to buy for a person wishing to sell products or services in the same industry as yours. It may be attractive to someone wishing to improve the SEO web site.

If you already make money with your website, the abbreviated way to know the value of the following calculation:

Your income per month x 24 = Total value of your site.

Why x 24? Well, because its value is calculated over a period of 2 years. So if you make $ 1000 / month, you can probably sell your website for $ 24,000.

Also consider that the creation of a blog is often performed as a “side-line” of your current job which does an excellent bonus in your year, do not you think?

If you are at the stage of selling your website, internet service Flippa is the most popular and most used currently. Although the majority of users of this service are Anglophones, several Francophone (buyers and sellers) also do business with the web service.

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