9+ How to start a online advertising business

9+ How to start a online advertising business | tinobusiness
9+ How to start a online advertising business | tinobusiness

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, online advertising is increasing at least 1% of the total annual spending on advertising, despite the recession. Businesses are not only spending more on advertising on the Internet, but they are also reducing their spending on traditional media such as magazines and newspapers. Online advertising is expected to continue growing over the next few years. Start your own online advertising business before the market is saturated to win a share of the pie in this model business recession proof.



1.  Create a website. For example, create a directory that lists restaurants to advertise online store directory or baby clothes. It offers free entry to the web site for all visitors.



2. Search the web sites that fit your target audience. Find sites that have high traffic and provides online advertising. Email your sites, if necessary, to find out their advertising rates and specifications. Create a list of spreadsheet with all advertising websites found. For each site, lists the site name, URL, type of advertising offered (banners, pay per click, sponsored content or other). It also lists the cost, advertising specifications (image size or number of characters) and contact advertising.


3. Create a database from online spreadsheet advertising created in Step 2, listing all advertising media and their details. Nourishes the data to your website.


4. Create a home page for online advertising directory, which gives a brief picture of how you can use online advertising to attract new customers. If your directory is focused on the baby clothing stores, for example, he explains that good places to advertise include the sites they visit mothers who work at home and housewives or specialists in the development of children.


5. Add a search button to the main page that allows visitors to find advertising websites. This will also allow them to do free searches of these websites, using any keyword or phrase they want.


6. Add a simple button “Browse directory” to open a new page listing all websites in their directory. This is useful if you have little more than a hundred of them. If your directory is larger, lists all the letters of the alphabet on your home page and allows users to browse the directory by clicking on the first letter of the name of a website


7. Or add buttons to the main page that link directly to the different forms of advertising. Create a link called “Advertising with banners” and that links to all the websites that offer this type of advertising. Creates another link called “pay per click ads” and another called “Featured Content”.


8. Create additional links that divide the ads by price range. Create a link to “Less than US $ 100 a month”, “US $ 100 to US $ 500 a month” and one for “More than US $ 500 a month.”



9. Make money with your website advertising business asking advertisers to sponsor your website directory. Contact advertisers in your address by email and ask them if they would like to have a place in your site sponsored. It provides additional benefits such as placing this place at the top of the search results, unlimited text to describe your site, a graphic placed near the link, criticize your site or advertising banners.


Tips & Warnings

  • The typical form of online advertising include advertising banners, advertising pay per click and sponsored content. Advertisers with banners showing their ads on websites and paid based on how many times ads are viewed. Website advertisers pay per click pay only when site visitors click on your ads. With sponsored content, site owners create articles or blog comments about the advertiser and its products, using the same format as any other content on the site. The sponsored content gives readers the impression that the site is supporting the advertiser because the ads are disguised as “content”.


Below videos are the current ad platform that will teach you more. Go through them!




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