9+ How to create an attractive blog – best blogging tips

9+ How to create an attractive blog - best blogging tips | tinobusiness
9+ How to create an attractive blog - best blogging tips | tinobusiness

To create an attractive blog, pick a topic to write with which you are familiar and you’re passionate about. The most successful blogs contain accurate and regularly updated. Choose a niche that you know well and design your blog to fit the theme. A cute design with photos and an ingenious content are crucial in creating a nice blog that stands out from the rest. Once you find a server of blogs that suits your needs, to create a process that allows you to attract followers it is simple and fun.

1. Find a server/platform to your blog. Choose one that offers free designs and blogs along with other necessary functions. Blogger and WordPress are two servers that offer free blogs with many essential tools.  

2. Choose a name for your blog that is attractive to readers and easy to remember. The title of your blog should be relevant to the content you want to publish, so it will be easier to find through search engines.

name for blog

3. Choose a layout for your blog. Hosting services offer free blog designs start with a variety of cute patterns to choose from. Choose the one you like and that fits the theme of your blog. Later, you can customise it to suit the needs of your blog.


blog layout

4. Design your blog. The blog hosting services offer features such as full of photos, devices, fonts and colours. Choose colours that match the design of your blog and to call the reader’s attention. Font colour too shiny or too dark not work well when placed on contrasting backgrounds.


5. Add graphics and nice designs on your blog. Myspacegraphic.org has hundreds of attractive images with codes that you can customise and add to your blog. Although they are made to “MySpace”, also they work on blogs. Yours should be colourful and have pictures to please them, people of all ages, like animals and cartoon characters.

6. Learn to edit cascading style sheets (Style Sheets or CSS) so you can create backgrounds and cute for your blog headlines. There are many free online tutorials, as Yourhtmlsource.com, which teaches you how to perform these leaves. Photoshop and Paintshop are two useful tools when you want pretty pictures and graphics design yourself. Both tools come with built objects to cut and paste images into other images.

7. Update your blog. In order to attract more readers and followers, your blog should be updated regularly, three to five days a week for example. Make a lot of images that relate to the topic of your posts. You must post the links to sources and accredited in any of the photos that do not belong.


8. Add style to your blog. A blog is not attractive if it is full of boring topics and appears to be written by a humourless robot. No need to make your subjects are fun, but some friendly and informal comments on your publications allow readers establish a personal connection with your blog.

9. Promote your blog. For a blog to be successful, must be full of useful or interesting information and should have followers. Social networks such as Facebook and community forums are wonderful to promote your blog without advertising spots. The publication links with attractive information will help your blog succeed.


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