9+ Adding ads to your Tumblr Costade

9+ Adding ads to your Tumblr Costade | tinobusiness
9+ Adding ads to your Tumblr Costade | tinobusiness

Tumblr has grown as a means of entertainment and high traffic content is naturally that many blog owners want to monetize this content adding ad. Google AdSense is a fast and easy way to make money from a blog on Tumblr, and has options that makes it possible to insert AdSense ads easily. Although Tumblr does not offer an official function to add content to their blogs ad has intentionally allowed the use of JavaScript coding to insert Google AdSense.

If too complicated, go through the videos below showing step by step on how to do it.

How to add ads to your Tumblr Costade ?:

1. Log into your Google AdSense approved and click on “My Ads” account. a list of units previously created ads will be displayed, showing when was the last time they were published and if they are active or not.


2. Click the “New ad unit” button. All the options for your new ad is displayed.



3. Complete each of the required fields. Name the ad and choose the size that best fits your Tumblr blog. The most common size for the poster of a sidebar is the “sidescraper” option.


4. Create a new custom channel in the options screen. This makes your ad campaign Tumblr easy to track, helping to monitor the performance of your AdSense ads from various websites.


5. Click “Save & Get Code”. a small screen will pop up with the specific coding JavaScript for the ad you just created.


6. Copy the JavaScript inside the window highlighting all the text and clicking “Ctrl-C”.


7. Log in to your Tumblr account and click on the name of the blog in the appropriate drop-down menu on your board. More options are displayed, including the ability to edit your theme.


8. Click “Pesonalizar” to open the settings for your particular Tumblr, then click “Theme” in the header and the “Custom HTML Enable.” The HTML to edit the subject of Tumblr is now displayed in the window.


9. Place the code Tumblr in an appropriate place within the HTML of the theme by clicking the location where you want to paste and typing “Ctrl-V” if your theme has a sidebar, remission with a live version of your Tumbr so you can identify where you’ve placed your ads. A common location after the section “About the blog” in your sidebar.Use “Ctrl-F” to find specific locations within the HTML.


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