8 Tips to Increase Conversion Rate of Your Web Business

8 Tips to Increase Conversion Rate Your Web Business | tinobusiness.com
8 Tips to Increase Conversion Rate Your Web Business | tinobusiness.com

Traffic generation is of fundamental importance in the world of online marketing. Businesses are scrambling for clicks, organized immensely competitive bidding wars and spend thousands of hours pushing their web pages to the top of search engines.

But is this the most cost-effective way to ensure customers online? The amount of traffic on your site is not directly related to the amount of income that your site generates.

A more appropriate measure of success can be the number of conversions that produces the total website traffic. More conversions mean a measurable increase in sales and qualified leads. It’s not just a measure of traffic.

The eight tips below not exponentially increase clicks on your website or drive to the top of the search results. However, they help you get the most out of the traffic coming to your website which, often is more important than quantity. ! It is no use having thousands of visitors if you can not convert a number of them in clients.

These eight tactics will help to transform visitors into customers, dramatically increasing the conversion rate of your website.



1. Use Google Website Optimizer for Testing

Using Google Website Optimizer you can easily identify the causes of your sales, how visitors interact with your website and what variations of your pages are most effective.

It is a higher level in how to conduct testing. If you are satisfied with the advertising revenue being generated but without knowing the cause, then Google Website Optimizer will help you understand.

2. Add your contact Direct in the head of your page

This simple addition can significantly increase sales, especially if you operate a service business. Provide a direct line of contact means more revenue per month extra projects, increased interest from potential customers and, of course, higher telesales.

Contact details and a telephone number accessible can increase the conversion rate of a website even when calls are forwarded to an answering machine. Often this is enough to distinguish your business from others.

3. Simplify your systems

An alarming number of emails, inquiries and sales are lost because of poor systems orders. Because of bad emails WordPress losing information and confusing and long forms that prevent the customer complete the order or request more information, many potential sales and profits are lost.

You have your sales page is as simple as possible, whether an order form of product generator performs or email address. With enough traffic driven to your simple form of orders, even the slightest change could increase the conversion rate of your website.

4. Explain clearly your services

Learn to predict how customers are looking for your service. What are the most important when evaluating a professional in your industry factors? How do customers take their decision?

Simplicity and clarity are important factors. Companies and professionals that offer clear and simple are hired more often and extend its customer base faster.

It offers a variety of services within a “package “. This will make everything clearer for customers and increase your conversion rate.

5. Add Testimonials Graphics

Replaces excessively and ineffective long written testimony with a selection of graphic testimony. why?because unlike the testimony of text that can easily be manufactured by the company itself, the graphic evidence is not easy to pretend. Moreover, they add a personal touch to websites.

6. Can you not conclude a sale? Try to get an email address

No matter how optimized your website is, not all your visitors will become buyers. Some customers, particularly those with small businesses, like research before committing.Although this must be frustrating, you can use it to your advantage.

Instead of giving your customers or give them only two-buying sale- third option choices: give your email address to receive information directly from you.

Some visitors will not want to buy immediately, but with your permission, you can send emails and demonstrate why they should hire you, how you can help them and what package is best for your choice.

7. Reinforce your Contacts page to Increase Trust Factor

In the digital world you need a good impression to build your credibility. Large companies benefit from their exposure online and abroad. They use their vast networks of offices and stores to demonstrate their reliability and solvency to potential customers.

Your job is to build the same reputation of your online business without outside resources.This is how: add an address to your contact page, add a phone number to your order forms and provides links to customers who value your work. Add links to your LinkedIn profile, your other social media profiles, and your portfolio. Increasing your impression increases the confidence factor, it will boost your conversion rate.

8. Upgrade your portfolio, revitalizes the body of your listing, Grammatical Errors Fix

A single grammatical error can ruin that could be a great business website. Similarly, an outdated portfolio may be more harmful than good for what could be a great design firm.Keep your website up to date attract interest, even if not actively promote.

Every six months check your web site for conversion spoilers: misspellings, odd phrases, pixelated images, broken links, amateur pieces that appear in your portfolio, etc.



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