8+ Tips for creating a free own magazine

8+ Tips for creating a free own magazine | tinobusiness
8+ Tips for creating a free own magazine | tinobusiness

Writers, editors and artists who want to start their own magazine need not spend much money on operating costs. Recent advances in software advertising, printers type all-in-one and cameras digital have made it possible for the magazines can be done at home. An ordinary person can create a magazine for free with the help of a computer, some friends and a little creativity.

1. Ask friends and family members with interesting stories to tell that you should do so. These stories should revolve around a single question or problem in order to maintain consistency in the editorial vision of the magazine.

2. Choose between ancient poems, school reports and letters from the editor as a filler for the free magazine. An editor can insert citations and entire sections of these documents to guide the reader through the many offerings of the magazine.

3. Select from photographs and digital images stored on your hard drive to add visual elements to the magazine. Must have a photo on the cover and a picture appropriate for each story to help readers identify the various sections of the magazine.

4. Places a free software that works with portable digital file (PDF) to create versions of the magazine on the web.PrimoPDF is a free software compatible with applications ideal for a publisher looking to distribute their work to a wider audience Microsoft Office.


5. Develop a template with the word processor to copy the same pattern in every magazine page. An editor who maintains the same format letters, borders and page breaks adds a professional touch to your magazine.

6. Make tests with your printer at home to see the page sizes and configurations that allow the best possible design of the magazine. Most printers can handle paper of 11 inches (27.9 cm) by 17 inches (43.1 cm) which can be bent horizontally to create a format of 11 inches (27.8 cm) by 8.5 inches (21, 5cm) for optimum reading magazine.

8+ Tips for creating a free own magazine | tinobusiness

8+ Tips for creating a free own magazine | tinobusiness



7. Try different methods to consolidate the magazine before distributing copies to interested parties. Most publishers who publish on their own using heavy duty staples along the folded edge to consolidate the magazine units. If your magazine is small enough, you can consolidate linking pages with a strong rubber band that runs through the center pages of the publication.

8. Invite your closest colleagues to a party and to assemble the magazine before removing to the street friends. Each person must be assigned to a specific task including folding, stapling and implementation of mailing labels to make the process go faster.


Tips & Warnings

  • The issue of the journal must do so through several testing sessions proofreading and editing. Each story, poem and letter must be given at least three people to avoid spelling errors and events that ruin the credibility of the new magazine.
  • Begins the long process of finding distributors months before publishing the first magazine. Publishers must think of independent booksellers, music stores and other small businesses that are susceptible to risk selling new publications. These editors should expect a lot of rejection and the possibility that their favorite companies wishing unknown not sell magazines.



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