8 Effective Tips to Advertise on Facebook | WHY NOT RUN YOUR ADS ON FACEBOOK?

8 Effective Tips to Advertise on Facebook | WHY NOT RUN YOUR ADS ON FACEBOOK? | tinobusiness.com
8 Effective Tips to Advertise on Facebook | WHY NOT RUN YOUR ADS ON FACEBOOK? | tinobusiness.com

Facebook advertising works, and works better than good, though this may shock you if you’ve experimented with it and have not gotten the results you expected. Let me tell you, it is not so easy to get good results and that takes time to adjust your ads to be quite effective, but once you succeed, performance is spectacular.

Clarify your ideal client first must be on Facebook, otherwise it makes no sense to invest in advertising or waste your time on this social network. I know it seems logical but worth comment to avoid disappointment or worse, waste your money.

The changes made by Facebook in its algorithm  have driven some companies and marketers arising this network.

These changes require us to invest in advertising if we expand the reach of our publications, which dominate the platform becomes essential.

After a few managing of Facebook advertising campaigns for clients, I have seen that usually almost always make the same mistakes. If you are testing the Facebook Ads or plan to do so soon, I recommend you consider the following faults that often make:




Are you clear about the audience you want to reach with your ad? I usually encounter with ads that “attack” too broad audiences. You have to know that the smaller and more defined this hearing is likely to have success. It is a typical mistake to create an ad and start segmenting interest and adding as many as possible in an effort to reach with our message to more people.

I recommend that you use the Facebook Open Graph to properly define the audience you want to reach with your ad and you also do some tests with Facebook Custom Audiences.

Often ads to people who are not fans is throwing money: do not know you, and before you gain their trust, which is why it is better to first have a critical mass of followers who already know you and what you are offering.




Thousands of ads are written for robots and robotic written form. As Chris Brogan says “There is a human being behind every tweet, blog and email. I remember. ” It does not take an expert in copywriting to launch an effective ad, but that we care as much as possible the text of the same.

Before your ad scans text and just before giving to give the button to turn it back post review. The text is often a key part in the success of an advertisement. Includes calls to action and make sure that the text is sufficiently attractive to your audience.



I think it is not necessary to explain here the importance of using quality pictures on Facebook, where it has great visual impact. Using an image without hook, poor quality or untreated is a mistake that can lower the CTR of your ads considerably.

My recommendation is to use high-quality images such as those you would find on Fotolia and give them a creative touch with some text. With tools like PicMonkey to embellish these images do you need design skills to create good images to your ads (free tool and paid version which does not exceed $ 5 per month).

Remember that the images that you include text, can not exceed 20% of the surface of the image. This you can check with this tool Facebook . If more than 20% Facebook will not approve your ad.





Facebook allows you to bid per click (CPC), per 1,000 impressions (CPM) impressions and an optimized (optimized CPM). Be clear that Facebook always wins in this game, and what comes to you is that you get it profitable.

Should I use CPC or CPM? It depends, but I personally love the CSO that has given me very good results.

My recommendation is to try and not go into the bidding war that Facebook suggests you when you pay per click.

Not get a fair price for advertising is making many companies think that Facebook is not a profitable advertising platform, when the reality is different.




My advice at this point is very clear. Do not press the button of promoting publications! It is the quick solution that uses little who knows how Facebook advertising works, but is wasting your advertising budget. Surely this opinion raise blisters in some experts, but it is my opinion (Respect).

It is much better to create an ad with Facebook Power Editor and configure it to get the best results.





The engagement of your Facebook page directly affects your ad. Did you know? For this reason it is important to try to increase the engagement of your publications.







There is only one case in which I think it is convenient to use advertising in the sidebar of Facebook. If you use the Website Custom Audiences Facebook to create an audience that has visited a certain section of your website, you may want to show these people publicity related to that section.

For example, imagine that visits the page of my blog in which I offer you a classroom course for bloggers in Madrid and Barcelona ; good use of the sidebar would show ads with a picture to remind you that in my blog can join the course.

The ads in the sidebar usually get a very low CTR, and I think it is not appropriate to achieve good results with ads place because its impact is so poor.





Never, never, NEVER, you send visitors you generate with Facebook advertising to any of your web page, or the home unless the home is designed and optimized to convert those visits. Likewise, I think it’s better to send visitors to a landing page that captures the contact information to a sale page.

Do not send your visitors to a landing page. Likewise, for example, send such visits to a website that is not optimized for mobile when you’re paying for advertising on mobile is a huge folly.

These are the major mistakes that you should consider, and still I recommend you do not stop to test and see what really works for you.



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