7 Tools you should use in your Social Media Strategies

7 Tools you should use in your Social Media Strategies | tinobusiness.com
7 Tools you should use in your Social Media Strategies | tinobusiness.com

Social Networks Business, there are many !, but few companies have effective social media strategies …

“We must have a presence in social networks”, they say many, but the reality is that not enough to simply have a presence in social networks. Currently, it is necessary to design and implement social media strategies that allow us to differentiate or just be wasting our time and money.

Today we will not talk about the design and implementation of strategies for social media (that will be the subject of a forthcoming), but if we look at some tools and applications that will help us all make more effective actions that we perform in the social media. We hope that you find them interesting and will be excited to try them.

1- Followerwonk

7 Tools you should use in your Social Media Strategies

It is a powerful free platform for analysis and monitoring Twitter. He specializes in the study of the factors that allow us to know, understand and optimize a base of followers. This tool is broken down into dozens of reports, details of a biography, the behavior of this profile, or an entire community in relation to an organization, person or brand. Who they are, what time are most active, which profiles are consuming and sharing content, where people within that fan base are, are only some of the data that can be obtained through this tool and contrasted with the other competitors. Likewise, another of his outstanding features, to discover who are the people who have ceased to belong to a community, who are the latest additions and whether they also belong to the fan base of another brand. No doubt a great tool to get free.


2- CircleCount

This is a specialized tool Google+ through which relevant data could be found what is trending on this platform: most shared articles, which are the most popular profiles, which pages are the ones with the most fans, which circles a brand is present and who are the people that stand out as influencers. Through this tool, you can also access the visualization of reports on the community, its characteristics, and all activity by region and industry through free dashboards that are updated regularly. It is a place to meet and enter the world of resource G + no investment.

3- Postcron

7 Tools you should use in your Social Media Strategies

This app is ideal for content management and scheduling. It has features designed exclusively to automate and optimize this task through a very simple interface that facilitates the process of scheduling, either for beginners or for professionals who manage multi-accounts in Facebook and Twitter. The two preferred features among users include: Batch Scheduling that allows scheduling and programming via a spreadsheet, hundreds of post simultaneously on multiple accounts, and “Multiupload”, specializing in pictures, can set up and more 300 in just seconds. “Recommended content” is the latest proposal launches Postcron, which provides the user the most popular and viral influencers that you marked as favorites content. With this functionality you get in seconds a stock of quality items to constantly feed the flow of content on social networks. It has a free version that offers a lot of options that fit very well to a less demanding use of the tool, and two paid versions, ideal for agencies or managers multi accounts.


4- Pigora

Social media marketing tool focused on Pinterest , Instagram, and Tumblr . Through this tool, you can identify the most popular pins, pinners who are the most influential, what is the content that gets a higher percentage of engagement are etc. This tool also provides reports with insights, comparative data on competition, campaign results, and a lot of resources and solutions to optimize marketing strategies. From competitions, promotions, coupons, to personalization of actions for each platform, this tool has become one of the most complete among the visual social networks.


5- Fastanalytics

The purpose of this app is to solve the complexity of the data provided by the platform of Google Analytics, providing the user with statistics and key numbers, without having to go through the entire tool for identification.Reports include information on the content, traffic, engagement and keywords. You can access information from different periods and easily check several websites changing an Analytics account to another. Available for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with iOS 4.3 onwards.



6- Quintly

A great monitoring tool that collects information platforms most important social media as Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram, to measure and compare the performance of a brand and its position on competition and the rest the sector or category to which it belongs. Moreover, it also analyzes the evolution and behavior of a fan base, which issues generate the greatest interactions, what is the content that gets more engagement, among other data. It has a comprehensive dashboard that can be adapted to the needs of information and analysis of each brand. This tool has a free option and paid plans: S, M, L and XL.


7- Antavo

It is a tool for email marketing that uses all the information and power of social networks to optimize and capitalize on relationships already established with a base of fans and followers, through campaigns that include a variety of resources such as design contests, sweepstakes and discount options, among others. This tool offers a free trial and then payment packages that fit the needs of each company.



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