7 TED talks showing how design is changing the world

7 TED talks showing how design is changing the world | tinobusiness
7 TED talks showing how design is changing the world | tinobusiness

In this TED conference, we present 6 great designers who have managed to address and implement the design in different fields from different perspectives.

The design can be understood as a creative process, aimed at setting objects looking to create innovative alternatives and provide solutions to problems of daily life. There are several types of designers in the world, some seeking meet basic human needs, others want to change the world through their ideas, and others only want to solve problems of environmental, educational, and social by design. Within these 7 Talks you can meet these different characters who use creativity as a way of approaching the world and its needs.


1. Designers – think big!

Tim Brown is the executive director of design and innovation firm IDEO, and aims to show how the conventional design can be improved, generating ideas and creations that manage to fuse design, business and social studies. This new process is called ‘Design Thinking’.




2. Teaching Design for Change

“Teaching Design for Change” is the name of the talk of the designer and humanitarian activist Emily Pilloton, which seeks to develop effective design solutions for people who need it most.



3. Happiness by Design and The Power of Time Off

During the talks’ Happiness by Design “and” The Power of Time Off “the graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, talks about the happiness that good design has generated in your life, and how sabbaticals that has given throughout his They have refreshed his creative career perspective.


4. Designing books is no laughing matter. OK, it is

Chip Kidd, the successful creator of covers of books like Jurassic Park and Batman, talks about the importance of designing covers that really embody the story in the books.


5. Designing is in the details

The designer and creative director of IDEO, Paul Bennett, teaches us that the greatest ideas are not those who achieve great impact on the world, but small, personal and intimate that generate change in society.


6. Design, Discovery and Humor

David Carson, sociologist and designer, explains how good design is an endless journey toward personal and professional discovery.


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