7+ Opening 7-Eleven franchise | Know How, What, Where

7+ Opening 7-Eleven franchise | Know How, What, Where | tinobusiness
7+ Opening 7-Eleven franchise | Know How, What, Where | tinobusiness

7-Eleven was one of the first shops, grocery stores, originally opened in 1927. It now has franchise stores in the United States and Canada as well as in over 15 countries. They have won repeated in the franchise industry in categories such as low-cost franchise, franchise fastest growing Fortune 500 Franchise and Franchise # 1 ranked recognition.

How to open 7-Eleven franchise?:

1. Determine the costs associated with opening a franchise of 7-Eleven. Express your interest in the company and get the details of the implementation costs in your area. The costs vary by area, but the initial capital and the required payment is over US $ 150 thousand, and investment all can be between US $ 1 and US $ 2 million.

2. Prepare a résumé with experience in business management and financial credentials. 7-Eleven franchisees have required a minimum of 21 years of age, are permanent US residents and have liquid assets.

3. Identifies the requirements of time, not only to open the business but also to operate and supervise a staff of seven to 10 employees. 7-Eleven does not allow the absence of the owner; therefore, all 7-Eleven franchises are operated by the owner 100 percent.

4. Consider converting business. If you already have a grocery store, but you are looking expatriate on the trademark name 7-Eleven, check the requirements for the conversion program. These usually require a minimum of 1,400 square feet (130 square meters) and should be at least 1/2 mile (0.8 kilometers) from another 7-Eleven franchise.


5. Secures third party financing. 7-Eleven will help with inventory, accounts receivable, payroll and training, but does not provide financial assistance to its franchisees.

6. Attend training. 7-Eleven will provide owners / operators with a six-week training at one of the local centers. They will also provide ongoing support in areas such as inaugurations, newsletters, purchasing cooperatives and national media and marketing support.

7. Hopes to work some long hours to reap the benefits of a successful store with name recognition. However, with good leadership, good customer service and reliable support, owning a franchise 7-Eleven can be the perfect opportunity for you.


Tips & Warnings

  • If you buy a franchise 7-Eleven other existing franchisee, there will be a payment of “goodwill” or “premium” which is above the usual rate and initial investment.


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