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The creation and design of a corporate identity not only refers to its graphic and artistic, but also planning a strategy for achieving certain goals. All companies both large and small must understand this concept if they want to succeed.

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To create a good corporate identity must take into account two main elements, which can be further divided into a total of seven ingredients: 

The design itself : 

  • corporate identity logo,
  • corporate identity typography and
  • corporate identity colors

The strategy of this design:

  • corporate identity brand,
  • corporate identity quality,
  • corporate identity community and
  • corporate identity culture

1. Corporate Identity Logo

Typically, a logo is designed for users to identify the company behind that image immediately. Just take a look at these logos to come to us the name of your company to the head.


However, a logo is just one aspect of the brand strategy of a company. Its fundamental role is to help differentiate a company from its competitors, but the logo is meaningless by itself until the mark gives or talks about it.

Since the first impression the customer receives from a brand is through your logo so must think and rethink your design of the logo in order to convey the right message to your customers.

2. Corporate Identity Typography

A well maintained and clean typeface / typography can make a difference on a website or in a simple corporate flyer.

One of the most used sources of all time is Helvetica, Futura, Century font, which are more than 50 years old. This source, who changed the world of typography, taught us that “less is more” and can be found in countless places: posters, signs, buildings, airplanes, etc.

Like the image/icon of the logo, typography also has the ability to convey a message. For example serif fonts such as Times New Roman, they convey elegance and are ideal for businesses that require a certain formality as law firms. Modern typefaces as Montserrat and Lato, stand out as being quite neutral and adapt very well to any situation. And the rounded typefaces such as Comfortaa, are ideal for businesses or more  by soft shapes that convey closeness projects.

Check with your designer different fonts to choose the most suitable for your corporate identity.

3. Colors

You must be careful when choosing the color that will represent you, since each has a different meaning. Like the other seven elements, colors should emphasize the philosophy and strategy of your brand.

As 90% of the assessment made by users on a brand or product has to do with its color. 

All this goes to show the importance of colors in the corporate design.

If you need help choosing a good combination of colors, in this post you can find some very useful tools “6 tools to find the perfect color palette ” or “Red representing a brand … 99designs answers

4. Brand

The brand is the set of all sensations, perceptions and experiences that a customer has as a result of contact with a company, its products and services.

In these perceptions, in addition to their own will influence brand experience, all you have seen, heard or read about it in the media online and offline.

We could say that the visual logo form part of our business, and we convey the message that capture our customers and gives meaning to create the brand.

5. Quality

Quality is one of the most important elements. Defines a company through its policies, procedures and responsibilities to its users. A company that offers quality products or services has a great opportunity to turn users / customers into regular customers.

Quality should be reflected in all aspects of a company in the way it does business, in the type of products or services produced, how they behave with their employees and with customers, etc.

6. The community

Many businesses tend to neglect this aspect. The first major company that Apple was formed a community, and that gave off long term.

Not an easy task to form enthusiastic communities and harness that energy. Keep in mind that if you do not offer quality products or services, you can not project a positive image to your customers.

One way of forming a community is by hiring influencers or precursors your brand. It is a word of mouth marketing in which customers are actively promoting themselves and try to convince others to buy your products and use them .

7. Culture

Culture is the taste, customs, knowledge and values that are shared by the community of a brand.

If a company has formed communities around their products, it does not necessarily mean that these communities have a healthy culture.

The brand must be honest and transparent in all its points of contact with the customer in order to create a good culture. In fact, a bad culture can ruin a company’s reputation with future prospects.


We leave you with these additional tips below and hope you gain more knowledge of the same. Let us know in the comment your opinion or leave a question and let us help you understand more. Thank


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