7 Businesses to start with less than 100 euros

7 Businesses to start with less than 100 euros | tinobusiness.com
7 Businesses to start with less than 100 euros | tinobusiness.com

I have always supported the strategies of low cost and that of friends, family and fools. I just found in Forbes: “7 companies to start business with less than $ 100” and I found interesting echo for those entrepreneurs or professionals wanting to work with little money to mount their business. Most companies can start by an amount around $ 30,000 (based Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation), but more and more people give ideas to promote them for less than $ 100. Check this approach low cost has advantages: no loans, no employees, no office expenses, safe … Instead of a business plan one lean startup. A computer and some friends and start !.

These are the 7 businesses to create with less than 100 euros


Allows earn more than the salary of many jobs thanks to platforms that channel this type of services Elance and oDesk it easy to connect with the people they hire all kinds of services. Since content writers, web design and development, programming, etc. I know Odesk a while and I have met very good professionals. If you’re a good professional you can benefit from an international demand and very attractive projects.

How much you can earn: Forbes from $ 25 to $ 125 per hour. It is certainly an option, but not the best “Forbes” list

EBay ( eBay )

The business of buying and selling online in half the world and take advantage of everything you want to rid the family and its friends or the local production. Anyone can start selling on ebay. Some people buy lots on sites like Liquidation.com and then sells the products separately po4.

How much you can earn: According to Forbes many who do business in the eBay ecosystem charge a commission of around 20% on products sold to third parties.



The recipe is simple: create a simple website to attract users and offer links to products they sell other companies (perhaps the most popular is the Amazon affiliate program ). Sellers pay per customer. Google and its affiliate program Adsense provides the ability to insert contextual ads related to the topic of your site or prefil of your users and their interests.

How much you can earn: According to Forbes, without limitation. It depends on the volume of traffic generated by the site.


Direct Marketing

Having a lot of friends on social networks can have your reward. There are many direct marketing companies such as Tupperware, Avon, etc whose promotional or commercial work can be done comfortably at home.

How much can you earn : $ 100 or more per day.

Farmer’s market (or similar)

In Spain many farmers sell oranges or other agricultural products successfully. Many people cooked foods also are able to sell food in small batches and make a place in agriculture or food on a daily or weekly sales markets.

How much can you earn: $ 200 or more per day. Maybe this figure is very optimistic for Hispanic markets.

Tutoring services

Parents or wealthy families who spend money to ensure their children reach competitive levels. Some tutors are doing this even nationally through video chat.

How much you can earn: $ 35 to $ 125 per hour.


Developer iPhone or Android applications

All you have to have are ideas that become a mobile application. The good news is that there are available toolsthat make it easy to create applications for subsequent sale in the markets of iTunes – Apple Store and Android – Google Play.

How much can you earn: if applications become very popular are earned from $ 2,000 to $ 20,000 on average / year.

Advantages: Start, meet and learn (failing or succeeding) without financial risks, it may be the start of more ambitious projects. In any case, always be a good professional and a good dose of self-learning training…


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