6+ What does it cost to run a TV ad?

6+ What does it cost to run a TV ad? | tinobusiness

Television advertising remains an important part of any advertising campaign. The costs to run an ad on television often can encourage or prevent companies and their business objectives television.


At first, television advertising was regulated to a few channels simple. Thanks to new technologies, the number of available channels has grown. Because opportunities, prices for ads on television are increasing.


Unraveling the cost of a television ad is almost impossible without knowing the details of location, time, scope, frequency and duration. Instead, it is important to consider what will change and affect the cost of a television ad.

Local TV

Small businesses that are looking at local TV stations will find lower costs of advertising. Depending on your market, you can find commercial air time for US $ 1,000. Prices vary depending on the size of the market and competition.

National television

The national television commercial spaces vary in price depending on market size, air time available and the demand for this specialized channel. According to Advertising Age, the average cost is more than $ 130,000 for a national commercial.



Frequency is the number of times a person (or family) will see an ad. The more likely it is that a person sees an ad, the higher the cost.


The scope is an important aspect of the cost of TV advertising. The more people (houses, televisions) is reached, the higher the cost of this publicity, because their messages are reaching more people at once.

TV AD 6+ What does it cost to run a TV ad? | tinobusiness
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