6+ Types of newspaper ads | Marketing Tips

6+ Types of newspaper ads | Marketing Tips | tinobusiness
6+ Types of newspaper ads | Marketing Tips | tinobusiness

Daily local newspapers can be effective channels for publishing ads.Most newspapers allow you to place a variety of ads, including classified ads or comprehensive coverage. The type of ad that a company or individual use depends largely on the overall goal.

Classified ads

The classified newspaper ads are probably the most effective in terms of cost. Businesses generally pay a higher final consumers, who publish their articles or property used in newspapers price. Newspapers charge a fee per line in the classifieds. A standard classified ad may consist of three or four lines to standard price. The price increases with additional lines. Adverts tend to be more effective if they constantly publish for a specific period of time. Repeated publication of classified ads can increase the credibility of a company, as customers relate consistent with stability.


6+ Types of newspaper ads | Marketing Tips | tinobusiness

Business card ads


An business card ad is a small rectangular ad and usually has a thick outer edge. The ad is the size of a typical business card or  longer a bit. Business card ads contain the name of the company, a hint of what it offers and a message that can differentiate it from the competition. These ads can be placed near the area of classified ads or at any place designated by the newspaper to publish. Normally all such advertisements are placed together.

Ads coupons

A coupon ad can be highly effective because consumers can save money on the products or services of the company. They are focused on the services or products that people consume regularly. These ads can be of any size, but the advertisers try to maintain uniform throughout the paper size.


6+ Types of newspaper ads | Marketing Tips | tinobusiness


The flyers are usually the glossy ads that are placed inside the newspaper. Usually they are printed by a third party and sent to the newspaper printing center, where they are inserted into the copies. Because of its cost, more flyers are used by national chains that can be published in a variety of markets.

Display Ads

Newspaper display ads generally offer a quarter, half or full page. Smaller ads are available, but the size of the ad is consistent and that the newspaper announces rates on their advertising packages. These ads are used to raise awareness of a particular product or service. They can also inform people where to call or write for more information. Sometimes, full page ads contain order forms, which are considered direct response ads.


Foldings are another type of newspaper ad. A folding is smaller separate printed sheet is folded on the left side of the newspaper. Also half they fold in the paper and can be easily removed for them. Companies print on one or both sides of a folding. The main benefit of these ads is that it captures the public’s attention as it covers part of the main page. This short break is what helps draw attention to the announcement.


The legal notices are usually placed in or near the classified section. The legal notices contain information that is required by law to make it public knowledge. This information is specific and related to the profession. Notices to debtors, changing names and information about public hearings are typical of these ads. Any person who publishes a legal announcement was made on the advice of a lawyer.


6+ Types of newspaper ads | Marketing Tips | tinobusiness


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