6 Tools To Find The Perfect Color Palette for your Design, Branding or Business


Finding a perfect color palette for your designs can sometimes be a headache. If you need some inspiration or help deciding which colors are best to your project, be sure to keep an eye on these six tools, you’ll love them for sure!

1. Palettab

A good way to discover new colors and fonts every day is with the extension of Palettab browser, Chrome is available for free. Its beautiful and practical design hooked!



2. ColorZilla

ColorZilla extension is another must in your collection. Available for both Chrome and Firefox, ColorZilla allows you to quickly read any color, so it is very useful if you need to know the color used in an image, logo, graphic element.


3. Pictaculous

Do you have a photo that you love for the color palette it has on it? Perhaps you’d like to use those same colors in a design. With Pictaculous you can do it, you only have to upload your photo and the tool will create a color palette from that image. In addition to this feature, you will also recommend other color palettes in relation to the image that you have uploaded.


4. 0 to 255

Have you ever found a color that was almost perfect, but it could be a little better? If so this tool can be a great ally. With 0-255 you can find many variations of any color you choose, from the lightest to the darkest.


5. Design Seeds

Need some inspiration for your designs? Look no further, Design Seeds is a nice tool that collects different color palettes from images. A great source of inspiration and an easy way to find a good range of colors.


6. Coolors

With Coolors you can create a simple and fast way a palette of unique colors that suits your needs. Do not stay without tasting!


Which do you like most from these tools? What techniques do you use to find a nice range of colors? Leave us a comment, we’d love to know your opinion🙂

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