6 Sports superstars driving entrepreneurship

6 Sports superstars driving entrepreneurship | tinobusiness

Since startups took the world, more and more investors have been risky to put their money in these revolutionary ideas, and the megastars of the sporting world are not far behind. Want to know athletes who pose their eyes on technological entrepreneurship?

Technological entrepreneurship is fashionable, so much so that many startups are emerging daily and investment they need to grow and conquer the planet. But where they are getting those resources? One of its sources of financing is most striking in the world of sport.

More and more super-stars understand that their careers are short and are subject to various imponderables, so despite earning millions of dollars for advertising and for their profession, know they must think ahead and invest that money wisely.

Thus nascent startups are in a bet with which they can monetize their profits and still maintain the lifestyle they deserve for many years of effort and sacrifice. So we want to show the six athletes who are more supporting technological entrepreneurship in the world.

Carmelo Anthony

After signing his new multimillion-dollar contract with the New York Knicks, Anthony decided to support entrepreneurship and set up his own venture capital firm called M7 Tech Partners. Its first investment in the project was Hullabalu, a startup looking to make an application of storytelling for children. However, he said they are also interested in innovations in “wearables.”



Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is famous in the world of investments by betting on businesses such as bars, discos and restaurants throughout Europe, but what many do not know is that the Real Madrid striker has allocated an undisclosed amount of money in the venture Mobitto, one Portuguese application that allows users to create groups of friends, getting rewards for these contacts to invite to visit and recommend purchasing items in companies and local businesses.


Lance Armstrong

The famous cyclist, who retired in 2011, has been smart and in January when its media crisis dwindled, decided to invest in Mobli, a platform to share pictures and connect with friends through hashtags and locations, which can be seen in real-time and already has over 12 million users.


Andres Iniesta

It seems that the nickname of the ‘brain’ that has the number 8 of Barcelona, not only for his football skills, but by instinct when it comes to investing. Iniesta has committed and driven to FirstV1sion, a venture that is developing a video camera mounted to the body of athletes seeking to transform the transmission of sporting events, to give viewers an angle from the point of view of the players.



Steve Nash

One of the key players of the Phoenix Suns was part of the founding of Consigliere, a company that invests in new ventures such as 3 digital platforms and retail Birchbox (cosmetics), Chloe + Isabel (fashion and jewelry) and Kiwi Crate ( products to encourage creativity in children). He has also invested in Stella, an aggregator of reviews made by customers of online retailers.



Michael Owen

The former England player, known in the 90s as the “boy wonder” is supporting Sportlobster, a social platform focused on the sport. The site supports 32 different disciplines and allows fans to find all the important actions, the results and the videos of your favorite games. In addition, users can read blogs, rumors, news, and can chat with other fans. The project already has over 1.4 million customers.


The ball is in the field of startups, and the greatest athletes want to take this opportunity to be the new Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg the world of technological entrepreneurship, demonstrating the importance of these independent projects in an industry that can not stop innovating.

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